Are the Olympics Absolutely Fabulous?

Patsy and Eddie speak for the nation!

Absolutely Fabulous Olympic Games Special Patsy and Eddie Torch

© BBC Photographer: Jack Barnes

In this week’s excellent Olympic Games Special, Patsy Stone and Edina Monsoon eloquently voiced the real feelings of the British people about the biggest event in the history of London. Yes there’s a lot of flag-waving and it’s great for tourism, but it’s a whole different ball game when you actually live here.

Eddie and Patsy present their pre-Games make-over plans to Saffy.

Eddie “We’re gonna be liposuctioned, lasered and lifted, darling. I’m going to be wearing my buttocks as a head rest by the time…”
Saffy “Well you better hurry up because it starts this week.”
Eddie “What?”
Saffy “The Olympics.”
Eddie “What? No! [to Patsy] Darling did you know it started this week?”
Patsy “What?’
Eddie “[panicking] The…running-the Olympics!”
Patsy “Where?”
Saffy “Oh my god! How could you have missed it? Even coming from the airport – it’s everywhere!”
Eddie “Yeah, darling, it’s been ‘everywhere’ for FIVE BLOODY YEARS, hasn’t it? Excuse me if I missed that it actually started! It’s been like tinnitus!

Absolutely Fabulous Olympic Special Patsy and Eddie running

Image © BBC 2012

Patsy and Eddie find themselves in the Olympic Stadium just days before the big day.

Patsy “It’s empty.”
Eddie “That’s cos nobody could get tickets, isn’t it darling?”

Absolutely Fabulous Patsy lights cigarette from Olympic Flame

Image © BBC 2012

Perhaps the best quote of all is Eddie’s Mother, staring bemused at some unused tickets…

Mother “I don’t see why anyone would actually want to be there when they can watch it in comfort on the good old Auntie Beeb.”

You can watch this episode on the Dear Old Auntie Beeb here and also some big sporting events which are happening this weekend…

All quotes © BBC Saunders and French Productions MMXI
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10 thoughts on “Are the Olympics Absolutely Fabulous?

  1. have to watch it tonight.

  2. Having taken part as an Olympic Torch Bearer on Monday 23rd July and sat next to Doreen Lawrence before she did her run with the flame – I have to say that I think that the Olympics is going to be great. My Australian friends said the Olympics did not kick off until the torch relay hit town – then it was fantastic – I hope the same happens here.

  3. Ladies and gentlemen! We have an Olympic Torch-bearer on The Vibes! Congratulations, Mark – must be a good feeling. You’ve put Patsy and Eddie to shame (and me!) and I hope you didn’t take this post too seriously… 😉

  4. I saw the show the other night on Swedish television, it was brilliant! They always make me laugh…

    • Hi, Marianne! I’m glad you got to see the show, it was one of their best 😀

      • Congrats on having given the world a great show yesterday! James Bond and the Queen is going to be a classic, :).

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  6. Yep, absolutely! 😉
    I’ll have a look at that episode tomorrow when, hopefully, my broadband connection is behaving itself. I think they Olympics may have eaten it (all the way from London to Wales!)

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