Postcard From Bishop’s Stortford

Airmail letter bishop's stortford

It’s funny going back to your place of birth, secretly hoping that it still looks like the place you left behind, and your house hasn’t been replaced by a Tesco or Starbucks. I was relieved to see that nothing much had changed when I returned to Bishop’s Stortford in Hertfordshire after more than thirty years. Give or take the odd PVC window frame, and a rash of Ground Forced gardens, it was exactly how I remembered it. I have a lot of happy, hazy memories of growing up here, and we moved away ‘up north’ when I was eight. Relocating to Cheshire was like a cold shower compared to this sleepy, sunny market town in the Home Counties. We went from Cider With Rosie to Wuthering Heights on a one-way ticket. This short film is a tour of my childhood…

Press Quality for HD and watch in fullscreen.

The video features the track Since I left You by The Avalanches, my all time favourite song, which samples old soul band The Main Attraction and Rose Royce, amongst others. It’s a burst of sunshine, and makes me happy every time I hear it.

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9 thoughts on “Postcard From Bishop’s Stortford

  1. laurengraceevans

    Yay for Bishop’s Stortford! (It is also my hometown!)

    Your blog is very snazzy!

  2. Thanks Lauren! It was great to see the old place again Chocolate hasn’t made me slim, by the way. Watch that Rocky Road (which does look very good.)

  3. Neil

    Fabulous, darling suburbia was written for you !!!! looks lovely

    • Now you can see where I come from, Eccles Person 😉
      Is that Suburbia by The Pet Shop Boys? Because that would be more fitting for rainy old Macclesfield!

  4. I used to live above the shops at Snowley Parade and also in Heath Row near the water tower field. That was back in the 70/80s…lol

    • Hi Stan, I had Chinese friends who lived above Snowley Parade in the early 70s. I think they ran one of the shops, and they had a son called Kenny who went to Summercroft school. I have the happiest memories of hanging out round there! We also lived at two addresses on Heath Row. Good to hear from you.

      • The shops were a bit different I remember back in the late 60s/70s. The supermarket was Perks. There was an off license (Victoria Wine I believe). There were no fast food shops. Also a chemists/ a hairdressers and a bakers.We lived above the hardware store and the greengrocers (Alf Whites) after we got ‘gazumped’ (It happened a lot in the early 70s.There was also a butchers shop.

  5. Jim Denison


    I enjoyed the video “Postcard From Bishop’s Stortford”. My family (same surname as mine) left Bishop’s Stortford in 1631 to immigrate to New England. I was interested in seeing videos about Bishop’s Stortford and came across yours. Someday I’ll make it there as a tourist.

    Thank you!

    Jim Denison, Upstate New York State, USA

    • Jim, that is so cool! In 1631 Bishop’s Stortford would have been a small market town, but I think there might be some original buildings from that era. Some of them are really ancient. If you do come over, London is nearby, so it would be quite a trip. Thanks for dropping by.

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