Sparky the Amazing Dancing Cat

Watch in HD, fullscreen!

Ok, he can’t really dance. Or read. But he was definitely funky.

Ever since reading Orlando the Marmalade Cat as a child, I wanted a ginger tom. Sparky was a rescue cat, and he was old when I got him. After six happy years with me, he became ill and passed away just before xmas 2010. It was a tough time, and shortly afterwards, I went to London. Staring out of my hotel room window, it really hit me that he was gone. I distinctly remember saying ‘Thankyou, Sparky. Thankyou for leaving me. Thanks a lot.’ Not my finest hour, but by a strange quirk, at that exact moment, underneath the planet in Oz, The Found Sound Orchestra were making a song out of heart strings, called ‘Thankyou 3 Times.’ Spooky! It’s the song that soundtracks my video, and I’m glad I had the forethought to record Sparky in glorious High Definition, during a blazing August sunrise in The Northern Quarter.

As Mrs. Madrigal says in Armistead Maupin’s Michael Tolliver Lives, ‘Someone to sit in the sun with me. Who doesn’t want to go anywhere.’

(Please. Don’t send kittens.)

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22 thoughts on “Sparky the Amazing Dancing Cat

  1. gordon m sutton

    That cat was a class act and now he’s an internet superstar. Fabulous video.

  2. Nelly Scott

    A fitting memorial to your Buddha belly-ed marmalade cat.

  3. All ginger cats are chunky! It’s got nothing to do with the food cartel he was running in my kitchen. Or the fact that he demanded food with menaces 🙂

  4. Seems like Sparky was made for the camera. He can’t get enough of it. The color of his fur reminds me of Garfield. And I had no idea cats also scratch themselves like dogs. Nice video.

    • Thanks for watching the video. Glad you liked it, and yes he loved cameras. The scratching scene is his way of saying ‘Cut!’ and head butting the camera means he wants food….

  5. Herman

    Great video. What a wonderful cat Sparky was. Thanks for sharing.

  6. purpleowltree1234

    Thank you so much for sharing such a precious part of your life with us. :o) Sparky is Gorgeous!! I can see how happy and relaxed he was with you. A vey precious friend. ❤

  7. Ginger toms rule!

  8. You’re welcome. Sparky would be very proud to be called graceful! The floor used to shake when he jumped down off the couch…

  9. Thanks for sending me the link to this video. Sparky was indeed very graceful and a majestic cat. Beautiful! Also this video is a wonderful tribute to Sparky!
    We too are so happy to have recorded our Grouik both in pictures and films. Memories tend to fade with time whether you like it or not.

  10. Sparky is adorable! What a lovely cat. Beautiful shots of him in the sunlight! I’m sure he’s basking in sun somewhere happy that he is still very loved. Bisous Bailey

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