English Summer

This is Prestbury, basking in the June sun.

The second day of summer and finally the sun comes out.

Old England...

Cheshire is very green, perfect for a city boy.

Beautiful flower boxes...

...on one of the most picturesque high streets in Britain.

There were rabbits all over Alderley Edge.

The view from the Edge.

Mrs. Madrigal never had lupins like these!

There are not many places left like this...

The sunlight was strange today, golden... getting inside the lens and playing tricks.

The view from the graveyard.

Like the wild rabbits, the cat wasn't bothered by the camera.

The crypt on a sea of blue flowers.

One last look and then off back to smoky bohemia.

Click on any of these pictures to see them full size.

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9 thoughts on “English Summer

  1. Nelly Scott

    Very nice Mark, you really are developing a photographers eye. beautiful pictures.

  2. Granted all the ingredients were in place; a perfect English village; a beautiful summer’s day; amazing countryside. Nevertheless, it takes a real creative urge and a strong eye for composition to make this stunning album of photographs so captivating. And that’s obviously what you possess in abundance.

  3. What a gorgeous day you captured!

    • It was fantastic, Anne! I think it was the first photo-opportunity for the blog, and the sun really came out, which is something you can’t rely on in Northern England.

  4. Derek Anthony

    I may be biased, being a Cheshire boy myself, but you have captured this part of Cheshire beautifully here, Mark. I am a Hale Barns boy and would often catch the E17 Altincham to Macclesfield bus, which journeyed near Prestbury. Like Hale Barns and Atrincham, you have captured the undulating side of Cheshire. I also grew up in Frodsham and Kinglsey, another beautiful part of Cheshire. I live a long way from there these days – Beirut in fact. And though it is easy, for geographical reasons, to tell the Lebanese I am from Manchester, I always say Cheshire ( which is hard for them to pronounce), in order for them to be aware of this gentle and historic county. Thank you for sharing, Mark.

  5. Cheshire is beautiful isn’t it? Prestbury is straight off a chocolate box. I used to live in the next village, Tytherington but I spent my summers washing the cars of oil tycoons and heiresses in Prestbury. Alderley Edge is my favourite, though because of it’s myths and legends (Merlin and King Arthur) and the amazing views (last pic.) Thanks for dropping by, Derek 😀

  6. It’s a pleasure. My grandfather had, before passing away ( in fact I think my step grandma still lives in it) a beautiful, old cottage, which used to be a 15th century public house, in Mobberly. I used to wash cars in Hale Barns too, for the Jewish brigrade.

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