XY Outro – The Found Sound Orchestra

I made a video! The Found Sound Orchestra make songs out of bits of other songs, and I used the same technique here with found footage to make the movie. I chose some of the most stunning time-lapse clips I could find, made by some very talented photographers from Vimeo. My video is in HD and I tried to create an atmosphere of sheltering from a storm, huddling around a campfire with autumn shivers down the spine, while the cosmos cartwheels above.

Hope you like it!

UPDATE: We’ve been visited by the FSO! Check out the comments section…

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16 thoughts on “XY Outro – The Found Sound Orchestra

  1. The video is very good, I thoroughly enjoyed it…. 🙂

  2. Stevo

    Wow. that is stunning gave me goosebumps. lovely tune too

    • I can’t claim credit for all these film makers, but you can’t beat a bit of FSO 😀

      • Stevo

        Perfect music and visuals…really got me with that one!

  3. thats such a brilliant edit.

  4. That is mesmerising, beautiful images

    • It’s quite hypnotic in places isn’t it? I think the lightning works well with the percussion.

  5. Neil Mason

    Hey Mark,
    Awesome mate. Thanks so much for using the FSO stuff – I’ve started making new stuff this week so might be back soon 🙂
    Neil (FSO)

    • Ladies and gentlemen, The Found Sound Orchestra is in the house! Thanks for dropping by, Neil. I think XY Outro is one of your best tracks, and everyone asks what it is when I play it. Can’t wait to hear some new stuff 😀

  6. Wow – really mesmerizing – thank you for putting me in a dream state!

    • It’s like tranquilisers! I love this song so much that I had to illustrate it with images which matched the cosy but slightly spooky, spacey feel of the music.

      • Sheila

        It’s perfect – I’ve watched it a few times and I’m hoping I’ll have dreams like this now.

  7. stain23

    This is a very nice video ! 😀

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