Mount Olympus: Origin of the Olympic Ideal

greek statue close up museum mount olympus the vibes

Home of the gods and the origin of the Olympic ideal. Mount Olympus was the seat of Zeus, and the games were held in his honour at Olympia. A permanent crown of angry clouds reign above the peaks, ample inspiration for legends and myth.

clouds above mount olympus greece
I’ve stood at the foot of this mountain gazing in awe, wondering if Spielberg was inspired by such an imposing view. You can imagine how the ancient Greeks saw gods in these clouds.

ancient greek carving museum mount olympus the vibes
Exploring the mountain itself is an adventure: wild boar bigger than cars, shrines, snakes and giant waterfalls.

mount olympus greece view from olympic beach the vibes

In the shadow of the mountain is a museum, containing art, jewellery and sculpture so sophisticated you would think it was crafted in modern times. Walking round with my mouth open, I was amazed at how advanced ancient Greek culture was. It’s easy to see how this was the cradle of modern civilisation.

ancient greek statue museum mount olympus the vibes

ancient greek earthenware pot museum mount olympus the vibes

ancient greek mosaic greece mount olympus museum the vibes
Greek culture is rich and colourful, and wandering from Mount Olympus down to Olympic Beach you can see how a different kind of deity dominates. The churches have brightly decorated interiors, adorned with icons, murals and relics.

greek church mural katerini greece
If there isn’t a church to hand, there are shrines everywhere. Even on the beach!

shrine olympic beach greece the vibes

shrine interior olympic beach the vibes

Beach Bar, Olympic Beach greece the vibes
We finally found some holy wine…(don’t run, Panos!)

tyre flower displays olympic beach the vibes

beach sports olympic beach greece the vibes
Angela Merkel was spotted swimming in the sea…

Sea life, Olympic beach greece the vibes
Greece is a wonderful country which I’ve visited many times. Unfortunately Germany is hell-bent on destroying this proud nation, imposing draconian sanctions on the people, causing widespread poverty and suffering. For some bizarre reason, the western media portrays the Greek people as deserving of punishment, and nothing could be more wrong. The people unfairly pay the price of their corrupt government (Spain and Italy seem exempt from similar penalties: I mean, really. Italy!) As Sea Monster Merkel spies oil in the Greek sea, you can rest assured she will make the nation a slave to her appetites.

Despite the economic upheaval, tourism is alive and well, and you can support the Greek people by taking your vacation there. Take a look at my trip to idyllic Santorini here.

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14 thoughts on “Mount Olympus: Origin of the Olympic Ideal

  1. lovely post.thanxxx

  2. Stevo

    Angela merkel the sea monster! LOL. She’s a bit scary that one. 😮

    • Yes, especially in a tiger-print bathing costume. Strangely appropriate though, as she is a large and dangerous predator!

  3. I absolutely loved this post! Thank you for sharing!

  4. beautiful post! Very inspiring!

  5. Wow – beautiful photos – thank you for the tour! Sorry to hear Greece is being forced into changing or assimilating when one of the great things about traveling is experiencing something completely different.

    • Hi Sheila, thanks! I think Greece will always be Greek, because they have such a sense of tradition, which we lack in the UK. I’ve been to a wedding in northern Greece and it was so much fun, with traditional music and dancing. There is much more value placed on family than anywhere else I’ve known. Merkel might move her industry over there and try to make them work for nothing, but I don’t think the Greeks will stand for it. Vive la difference!

  6. przystojnystefan

    What is the real name of “Merkel” in the picture? 🙂

  7. Mike p

    If you see in the second pic above if Mt Olympus
    You will see in the middle of the pic ZEUS!!

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