The Olympic Torch

The Olympic Torch lighting the cauldron at the opening ceremony London 2012 The Vibes

The stunning culmination of the London 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony, as the torch lights the cauldron, seen here from inside the incredible structure. I had to pause my TV and snap this on the iPhone.

Original image BBC TV

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17 thoughts on “The Olympic Torch

  1. purpleowltree1234

    Wow~! This is Beautiful!

    • Hi Rach, did you see the opening ceremony? It was amazing!

      • purpleowltree1234

        No, I didn’t, Mark. I’m a freak of nature that rarely enjoys tv. I know, I’m truly weird. haha
        But I did see photos my friend posted on Facebook of it, She lives in London and was there.
        The comments I’ve heard about it (let me know what you think about these) are, it was “bitsy,” “all over the place,” “difficult for other nations to follow what was going on,” “Voldemort and the scary giant baby scared my kids right before they had to go to sleep,” and “the Queen did not look impressed”. haha! This photo you shot from your tv is the best one I’ve seen so far.
        I’m sure I’ll see highlights online. 🙂
        Glad you enjoyed it!!
        Love from Rach.

  2. purpleowltree1234

    PS Did The Pet Shop Boys perform? I *love* them 🙂

    • They played West End Girls during the athletes’ parade but it wasn’t live, just soundtrack. The music was fantastic, though. Like a party in the world’s biggest nightclub.

  3. Great show, loved every minute of it. Well done, London!

  4. Nelly

    What a fabulous night it was watching the Olympic opening with my best friends and lots of lovely lovely booz !! you the perfect host Thanks

    • Yes, Nelly – I seem to remember our Alternative Commentary was unprintable and several vodkas short of a lawsuit! Marvellous!

  5. The whole thing was brilliant wasn’t it, and I was cynical going in? I felt proud to be British.

    • The truth of British history was writ large: the tribute to the NHS was a huge finger to the people who oppose free healthcare. The event was accused of a left-wing bias, but all empires are built on slavery so bless their honesty for showing what really made Britain great – the workers. And NBC in the dear old US of A chose to edit the tribute to the victims of the London bombings and replace it with the bizarrely artificial Ryan Seacrest! He’s like Guy Smiley from The Muppet Show: hugely inappropriate.

      • Didn’t know about the edit (being here in the US), but from my experience of living here, I would bet most Americans would be annoyed with that edit also (but likely do not know about it).

      • Im very disappointed to hear that the greatest piece of theatre ever produced in the UK was edited to accommodate advertising. It’s an insult to the innocent victims of religious extremism. After 9/11 you would think a more compassionate stance would be taken.

        On a lighter note, what a fabulous show! And who knew we invented the internet?

      • I shall have to check that out more to find out it was deliberate or just a blunder.

        Didn’t the guy who invented the net work at CERN or something similar and he just invented the communication protocol so him and his colleagues could communicate a little easier. I bet he never thought it would become what it has.

      • I think it was deliberate. Poor Mr. Seacrest, such a strange choice of teeth.

        The internet was invented by physics boffins so they could share their homework! And now look at it. Amazing 🙂

  6. Rowan Atkinson’s little ensemble was the highlight for me! Overall, it was a great show, quirky and with something for everyone. The 7/7 tribute with Emelie Sande and the hypnotizing dancer was amazing. In the spirit of personal opinion (as opposed to trolling), I was rather deflated by the appearance of Macca at the finale.

    • You never know when Macca will be appearing in a show like that again, so I appreciate even one song at the end. And Hey Jude was perfect. The Queen’s knickers were the highlight for me, the comedy magnified a million times by such a dour and serious face (cheers Liz)

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