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Large silver mannequin in Manchester by Mark Wallis
Somewhere amongst the madness of the Christmas crush, I bumped into a giant silver mannequin. And completely forgot what I was shopping for. Managed to get a rear view too. In shopping, as in photography, this is known as ‘trying to remain focused.’

Large silver mannequin, rear view by Mark Wallis
On to the more genteel delights of Patisserie Valerie, and a decorative ceramic spoon dispenser.

Counter ceramic at Patisserie Valerie by Mark Wallis
Some of my loyal readers might recognise the Christmas Carousel in the background here.

Christmas Fair in Manchester by Mark Wallis

And finally, a tribute to photographer Harry Goodwin, who snapped the great and the good on BBC’s Top of the Pops. His legend is preserved in Chorlton Precinct for ever. Or until they knock it all down to build a Tesco.

Tribute to photographer Harry Goodwin, Chorlton, Manchester by Mark Wallis

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Don’t Surrender, Dorothy!

Wizaed of Oz satire of BBC censorship of anti Thatcher song
The BBC is trying to censor a tidal wave of angry sentiment as the people of Britain speak out about the legacy of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher who died this week. As far as I was aware, the job of the BBC is to report the news and educate people, informing them of current affairs. But the surging popularity of Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead from the Wizard of Oz OST shows the world (and the British government) that hatred of the former Premier is much deeper and more far-reaching than anyone could have predicted. The fact that the song may reach number one on the UK Charts is an uncomfortable situation for the BBC and the British media in general as they await the result of the new chart tomorrow (Sunday 14th April 2013.)  The global media is already standing by, popcorn at the ready.

One thing I’ve learnt, particularly from Facebook, is that people will sympathise with extreme politics rather than risk appearing mean-spirited or unpopular. It’s a Miss Congeniality Contest now. It certainly wasn’t back in 1988.

The song can be downloaded here.

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Who Knows?

Mark Wallis Tardis

Click on the image for zoom mode.

I’ve been messing around in Photoshop again. Based on some tiny hints from the BBC, I came up with this wild stab at what the new Tardis interior might look like in the forthcoming Doctor Who Christmas Special to be broadcast on Christmas Day.

Doctor Who's TARDIS becomes a men's health club…or should it look more like this?

For more Doctor Who on The Vibes check this link…

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Doctor Who is back!

The Good Doctor returns shortly with a new season to take us into the 50th anniversary year. This trailer looks like a whole heap of fun, raising the stakes with a real blockbuster approach. Expect big changes, from a shocking shake-up in the regular cast and some new titles (like Bond, the Doctor demands an iconic introduction.) Opening episode Asylum of the Daleks has premiered at the British Film Institute, so expect transmission dates to be announced soon!

Asylum of the Daleks Poster The Vibes

Asylum of the Daleks Preview The Vibes

Images © BBC


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The Olympic Torch

The Olympic Torch lighting the cauldron at the opening ceremony London 2012 The Vibes

The stunning culmination of the London 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony, as the torch lights the cauldron, seen here from inside the incredible structure. I had to pause my TV and snap this on the iPhone.

Original image BBC TV

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