Christmas in Amsterdam – Interactive!

The second part of my trip to Amsterdam.
Shop sign amsterdam

A Canalside Townhouse Amsterdam

The majestic grandeur of a canal-side townhouse

blue delft pottery

The famous blue pottery from Delft. Very expensive. If you have any idea what they are please comment below...

Cats in the Window 2

The two cats in the window, licking themselves (see previous post)

Canal View with Flowers Amsterdam

It's amazing what you can do in iPhoto - another dodgy view of the canal transformed.

Garden Tiles Haarlemmerplein

canal house art

They looked like toy houses in the original, so I Photoshopped them to make them look like something from a picture book..

man leaning on bridge railing amsterdam

Panos on the bridge. This could be 1903, if it wasn't for the graffiti tags.

Sea Horse at De Bijenkorf

The stunning window displays at De Bijenkorf

Ultra Violet Window Display Amsterdam

Another Head Shop, this time with an ultra-violet Buddha

It seems that the Coffee Shops, which traditionally sell marijuana, are closing their doors to anyone without a Dutch passport in an effort to stem drug tourism. Also, the famous windows of the Red Light District are rumoured to be filled with art in the coming year, rather than women. Political correctness could spell the end for bohemia.

leaning building amsterdam

Everything seems to be about to collapse!

church viewed from canal bridge amsterdam

Shopping Mall Xmas Tree

transvestite mannequin amsterdam

A transvestite mannequin

Neon Amsterdam

Headshop Window Display

Clock Tower Amsterdam
It’s interactive! Click below to hear the bells ring in the clock tower…

Coffee Shop Amsterdam

A truly psychedelic shop front.

bottle sculpture

Recycled bottle sculptures on a houseboat

Graffiti Amsterdam

Hotel Americain

Trippy Badges

Christmas Dinner at De Waag

Inside De Waag (The Weigh House)

We wandered round the city on Christmas Day and found De Waag, which is like an old castle right in the centre. It’s been converted into a restaurant and so we got a table and sat down to wild boar, amongst other things. On a scale of festive fun, eating wild boar in a castle made me feel quite baronial, so it was off the scale. The meal was fantastic, and halfway through, something very strange happened. Panos’ phone moved across the table on it’s own. It wasn’t vibrating, because the vibrate function was disabled. I checked the table for vibrations: nothing. Before long, the phone moved again, and this time we cleared a space and set the phone down to see if it would move again. It did. Spooked, I Googled De Waag and discovered that witches were tried and executed here in the past. After that, the phone refused to budge. A city of ghosts…

fridge magnets amsterdam

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14 thoughts on “Christmas in Amsterdam – Interactive!

  1. Garry Davenport

    Great pics , had forgotten how beautiful it is there , have to go back again x

  2. dafilmclub

    WOW! Your photos are truly amazing!

  3. I love your photos! Thanks for checking in on my comments about the amazing Mr. Maupin!

  4. Great photos – I lived in A’dam for 4 years (Oud Zuid and Amstelveen) – next time you go – have a trek into the countryside – Ouderkerk on the Amstel River is just a bike ride away and another universe compared to the city itself!

    • I’m such a fool :-O There’s a beach, countryside and greenery so close to the city and we never went exploring. Maybe one day…

  5. Absolutely stunning photos! It looks like a very fun trip.

    • Thanks, Sparta. I think the cats here are very stylish and proud…and very naughty!

  6. What a cool place! Hope I get to go someday but it seems very unlikely. Thanks for sharing your trip!

  7. starbitch

    Where was the headshop you photographed??

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