This is San Francisco

It’s been a few years but here’s a look back at my trip to the grooviest place on Earth. There’s a video to watch and you can click on any of the pictures for full size technicolour.

Officer Lovrin with his arresting good looks…


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39 thoughts on “This is San Francisco

  1. Nelly Scott

    Wonderful Wally, hope to come with you next time you visit 28 Barbary Lane.

    • Yes of course, and there’s a big Tales of the City post coming up soon. The musical has opened in San Fran…

  2. Richard and Catherine

    Great pictures Mark but none of your cousin or his farm . We are only 20 min from the Haight..Next time come and visit or you’re off the Christmas card list.
    All the best to you
    Richard and Catherine

  3. Stevo

    If all the cops look like that in SF I’m on the next plane! Cool pix.

  4. Ah don`t you just love San Francisco? 🙂 I have yet to go to the painted ladies. Beautiful pictures anyway.

    • Thanks, glad you liked them! The houses are beautiful, and San Francisco is my favourite place on Earth. You have some great pictures on your blog 🙂

  5. Yay, hurray! I love SF and haven’t been in a few years–but this is perfectly timed to delight *and* whet my appetite, because we will be there again in June, if only for a couple of days. Great shots of a great city–you captured much of what is so appealing there!

    • Kathryn, I’m so jealous! I’d give my right arm to go there again. Such a wonderful city, glad you liked the pictures 🙂

  6. I have a sister and a brother living here. My sister lived on Ashbury a block from the Haight for about 24 years. Good to know this place is appreciated far and wide!

    • Hi, thanks for your comments. Haight Ashbury is a hippy mecca, and sure enough, as I walked down the street, I met the most colourful and eccentric people just as I was promised. There’s still a spark of magic about the place!

  7. I hope you realize how close you were to the nudist section of Baker Beach… or maybe it was just my fate that day. Anywho, cool pictures. I wonder why you chose to photograph Neiman Marcus’ building over downtown stores… it does have a beautiful glass facade.

    • Thanks, Boy! Actually we were surrounded by nudists, and met a naked journalist and his partner. I kept my shorts on for the sake of public order. The sea was freezing! Needless Markup got included here because I took hundreds of pics and this is a bit of a random selection.

      • Kind of unfair to wear shorts at a nude beach =) =P
        But cold breezy days are not the best time to go apeman.

  8. Ha ha ha! It was the Clothing Optional end. And I am usually the original apeman. Often found swinging through the trees!

  9. Nice afternoon perusal of my birthplace, Mark. Such a wonderful city. 🙂 Beautiful photos!

  10. Great pictures, looks like you had a blast in SF! Love that place.

    • Thanks Guy. Isn’t SF the best? I hope to live there one day…

      • Loved living in SF. I lived in the Castro for a few years and would walk to work, which was 2 miles away and with lots of hills in between. I was never so fit!

  11. I’d forgotten how much I loved my visit, I’m off to drag out the photos. Could almost smell the chowder! Cheers Sue

  12. I visisted San Fransisco two years ago and I loved it despite the fact it was sooo cold! 😛

    • I was lucky and got their late summer in October. The seasons are a bit strange there, but I’m glad you had a good time!

  13. Such a special city. Thanks for the photos!

  14. love, love, LOVE San Francisco! cool pictures!

  15. I see you were a block from my old house. I used to live on Steiner between McAllister and Fulton, half a block from Alamo Square, in a house built in the 90’s. That’s the 1890’s, of course. We figured if it survived the ’06 quake, it could handle 6 college students and a dog!

    Glad you enjoyed your visit to The City. 🙂

    RPRT Photo

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  17. Great photos Mark.

  18. Cheers, Tony. I’m going to post more SF pics soon…

  19. Allan G. Smorra

    Great photos.

  20. We love SF and I love your pictures, especially the Painted Ladies. We made our second visit last year.

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