Moroccan Bazaar

Moroccan-Condiments  Moroccan-Dish Moroccan-Blankets  Moroccan-Bowls

There was a sudden splash of dazzling colour in St Anne’s Square in Manchester. Under the stubborn grey shroud of the Pennine Cloud Blanket was a buzzing Moroccan market. As I wandered through the lamps and rugs, I tried to recall my haggling skills which I learnt in the Canary islands, and practised in Dubai. I soon found out that my negotiation drive had disengaged long ago, returning to the default setting which is Polite English. ‘What’s your best price,’ is a great start but you have to follow it up with some quick thinking if you want to nail a bargain and I failed spectacularly. Twice. And all this while sneaking these pictures.  The market is in St. Anne’s Square until Saturday evening (May 5th.)

Moroccan-Kaftan  Moroccan-Curtains  Moroccan-Vase

It’s funny how I don’t carry my digital camera any more, now that I can Instagram my flat grey iPhone pictures to look like I spent hours developing them in a studio in Hoxton. Click on any image to enlarge them.

Moroccan-Bags  Moroccan-Rug

Anna Madrigal Olympia Dukakis

Tales of the City

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159 thoughts on “Moroccan Bazaar

  1. Wish I was nearer to this. I had a filed day shopping and snapping!! Enjoyed your photos.

    • Cheers, Kathryn – if you click on the link it says the market is touring Britain, so you might be in luck!

      • Bother, nothing near me! But appreciate you pointing link out. I hadn’t spotted it!

  2. Fascinating stuff, Mark and beautiful photos.

  3. riatarded

    Oh wow! This is so beautiful! Following your blog!

  4. Those bags are cute! 🙂

    • They are, and they brightened up the day. I wish I could get away with the orange one…:-)

  5. I was feeling a bit dull and was cursing WordPress for putting up dull blogs..and then I came across your blog..seems like I was wrong! I love love love the colors and the textures and the sights that you have captured..they transport to your Morocco Bazaar..I wish I could spend hours and hours there!

  6. I love bazaars that have a rich cultural element to them. Sometimes, taking pictures of the products can make you appreciate the workmanship more, too. Great photos, the colors are so lovely. 🙂

    • Everything was beautifully made, and it makes you realise what a vibrant culture they have in North Africa.

  7. i’m moroccan and your pictures really the spirit of the souk! I really enjoyed your pics!

    • Thank you, it was such a nice surprise to see it there. It’s good to hear I captured some of that spirit!

  8. I just love the color and chaos at flea markets…your pictures represent just that…cool clicks 🙂

  9. Beautiful textures!! Loved this post 🙂 x

    • Thank you! And I’ve just noticed I’ve been Freshly Pressed! I’m so happy!

  10. Lovely colors and textures. Your photos really capture it all!

  11. These are stunning! Last year visiting China also taught me to haggle – it’s fun! I’m hoping to visit Morocco next year, this makes me look forward to it even more.

    • Thanks, I hope you’re better at haggling than me. Hope you have a good time over there, be careful and bring me back a lamp with a genie in it!

  12. This transported me to the Marrakech souk, for a minute. Thank you for the jolt of colour. (:

  13. Carlie Chew

    I love the colors and textures!

  14. u’ve been freshly pressed! Congratulations!

  15. Nuke Malik

    Reblogged this on Nuke 2012 and commented:
    A treat for the eyes and for the soul 🙂
    the vibes: Thankyou, more please!

  16. sahatravel

    I love Morocco and i really think your pictures express the beauty of the country. Congratulations!!!!!! 🙂

  17. Sue Brown

    A little slice of Morocco in the middle of Manchester … who knew? Fantastic collection of pix 🙂

    • Thanks, Sue – we could do with a bit of colour about the place. Spring seems to have come early and left again 😦

      • Sue Brown

        Oh and congrats on being featured in ‘Freshly Pressed’ – just spotted it.

      • Cheers 🙂 Can you imagine how big my head is now? Actually I’m really buzzing – it’s the biggest award I could get, and it makes it all worthwhile!

  18. The colors!

  19. What beautiful, vibrant colors! Moroccan culture is so fascinating

    • Thanks, Elizabeth. It’s true, the colours and patterns really grab you. I love the whole Moorish thing.

  20. bbecares

    Really beautiful pictures!

  21. bbecares

    And, for sure, nice blog!

  22. I have been to Morocco twice. While I was there I visited a few markets and tanneries where they make items like these and it was an amazing experience. Seeing your pictures brought back fond memories. Great post!

  23. Love it. Never have been to Morocco but it’s high up there on the list. Plus, a Moroccan friend once showed me how to make Moroccan tea. Excited to have found this post.

    • Thanks for dropping by. You’ve given me an idea – I’m going to try Moroccan tea!

  24. I love Moroccan things and colors!..They’re so vibrant and amazing..and your blog is truly awesome..inspiring me a lot..

    • Thank you, it’s great to hear that people appreciate my blog, and it looks like you have a very cool blog yourself 🙂

      • Thank you Mark..I’m so honored..I love all your posts..maybe I’m gonna mark ‘Like’ them all..Really nice to meet you here..

      • Nice to meet you too! I’m going to have a good look round your blog – you have some really cool photography 🙂

  25. What wonderful colours…and so well kept alive!!!

  26. A festive array of colors. Wish we had a bazaar around here. Did they sell some wonderful spices colorful and fragrant spices too? Congrats on your blog being freshly posted.

  27. Alberto

    I love these colors.

  28. abetternicky

    Reminds me of the solar system, right? can you see that, the colour. Anyways i randomly picked your blog to look at, as, well, no one has looked at my blog 😦

  29. DELISH!

  30. Hey Mark! Your blog is one of the best iv come across on WordPress. In every way, the lay out, the content, the theme, the pictures, its really bright and vivid! Will look forward to your posts!

  31. wooww!! so very magnificent, the colours are soo beautiful, so vibrant…

  32. i liked your blog..its so colorful..pleasant..very creative 🙂

  33. missvaleriem

    The pictures are stunning, all those colours! Simply wow! And your blog design is also very very nice! I have just clicked the ” follow “.

  34. Roshni

    Love the vibrance and colours in your photos! 🙂

  35. What pretty photos! How nice to experience a bit of Morocco in Manchester. I had to look up your post on Dubai since you mentioned it here and it was a fun read. The part about rolling up the prayer mat thinking it was a beach towel is classic. I also really like your “theme” – a fun layout for you blog. congrats on being FP’d!

  36. Wonderful colours! So calm yet beautiful 🙂 nice captures!

  37. oiyoufood

    Yep I agree with all the comments above.Beautiful! And I hope you don’t mind me going slightly off-topic here: All these pics were taken by an iphone?! (Im struggling with food photography for my blog) someone suggested to me iphone is good for macro pics. Any comments by any chance?
    Many thanks (p.s. I think the design of your blog is also inspiring) .

    • Hi, thanks for your comments! Yes the whole shoot was done on my iPhone – I didn’t expect to see the market that day, so I didn’t have my normal camera. You can go pretty close with the phone, but I’m not sure about macro. Also, things like iPhoto (Mac) can salvage some pretty dull shots. I also use a combination of Instagram and Tadaa, both free apps. The only advice I could give anyone is take lots of pics of the same subject until you get the kind of shot you want.

  38. I visited Morocco 25 years ago (ouch!) and have never stopped wanting to get back. Fabulous photos and colours – loved it!

  39. kongkawee

    It’s pretty good.
    I was in Thailand. I saw this craft for some time.

  40. Overall a beautifully presented blog with just wonderful content – well thought out – what a pleasure!

  41. Like this stuff………

  42. Scott

    Those are beautiful–they’d make me feel that I were in Morocco!

  43. It was a dazzling display of colors. There is a bazaar in our area too. But, it’s mainly a place of groceries. You made me wish to visit morocco!!!

  44. what colors!! In markets like these,i’m always torn between doing two things,taking photos,and actually shopping!!!
    Great shots…cheers!

  45. Wow this is beautiful! At first glance and closer look,I thought it was a Moroccan market in Morocco. I think Instagram did well imitating the Moroccan sun eh? Beautiful patterns you’ve captured there…gotta check out the it exclusively a Mancunian market or does it tour the country? Loverly blog 🙂

  46. Lovely photos! and the colours are so vibrant – it woke up my sleepy eyes! I love your colourful blog page.

  47. I love the colors, LOVE IT!!

  48. Beautiful pictures! The colors are so vibrant and festive. Congratulations on being freshly pressed!

    • Thank you, glad you liked them. It’s such a good feeling to be ‘Pressed’ even with the mountain of emails!

  49. Live your blog great job.

  50. Great photographs!

  51. The colors and the patterns are lovely. Great job!

    Congratulations on making it to the Freshly Pressed!

  52. Wonderful colors! Brightens up the day.

  53. sumerabil

    Reblogged this on uncensored and commented:
    colors, fragrance, moroccan bazaar

  54. Why is Morocco so far away from Lithuania??….:-o Looks like it was a fountains of colours and fabrics.
    What is the purpose of those things in the the first picture, top left? Is that fro scented sticks?

    I wish to have a huge house one day and to get my rooms decorated in different tsyles and authentic items from each country of my liking. One of them has to be Morocco! mmmm 🙂

    Greetings from a Lithuanian Reader 🙂

  55. nice photos!

  56. beautiful colors. thanks for writing!

  57. I am so interested in Morocco, but never seen.I wanna go there in next years.

  58. Modern Funk

    Love your blog…the vibe, colors, textures…not only is it groovy, it’s totally bitchen.

  59. hodgepodge4thesoul

    Lovely photos…

  60. Wow, these are amazing colors and shapes and textures! You may have just changed my favorite decorative touches from Balinese to Moroccan. Gorgeous! I can’t wait to check out the rest of your site!

  61. Great pics. Made me want to touch my screen to feel the textures!

  62. nazarioartpainting

    I love the colors

  63. Gorgeous pictures.

  64. You have captured the colour, textures and design superbly and all using an iPhone – impressive. After my blackberry contract ends I must switch to iPhone so I can also get instagram.

    • Thank you 😀 I’ve never understood Blackberrys, they seem a little complicated…

  65. I love your blog. The colours and layout all spell ‘art’. Made me happy. Thanks for posting!

  66. Wonderful stuff. Loved the images- great! Reminded me of a well loved trip to Marrakech– and the markets there. Just brilliant stuff. Cheers! M

  67. Love the pops of color! . . . Morocco has been on my list for a long while! Thank you for reigniting this aspiration!

  68. I love how those photos turned out, might as well let my Instagram do the work next time I visit a bazaar. I love bazaars, too!

  69. Love the colors.

  70. The colours are awesome We hope to see this in Marrakech Next week friday.Im looking forward.
    Tx for sharing this fantastic fotoos.

  71. Lovely take on Morocco! I was there last year on a volunteer trip and loved it!!! 🙂

  72. P.S. When I was at the souq I bought the exact same patterned blankets and pillow covers as in your photo! I love them!

  73. Vivid and captivating. You, Sir, have inspired me today!

    • And by the way, this blog is so far the best=looking one I’ve seen that uses this theme. It’s just perfect. You have taste, and an exciting life to boot. Kudos.

  74. I like the colours. Great photos!

  75. Reblogged this on dreamerslybrinth.

  76. Great photos. They jump off the page.

  77. I’m an exchange student currently studying in Morocco, and your pictures are exactly what we see here. They are beautiful!

  78. thefrancofly

    I’m glad I stumbled across your blog! Such vivid colors!

  79. Love the colors and patterns! Great pictures!

  80. I was feeling sort of bored and randomly clicked on a blog…And this popped up! The beautiful colors, the great pictures! This is a really nice blog!

  81. My day is now more colorful.. thanks to your post!

  82. Astrid

    Beautiful colours! I can imagine myself there, thinking “so much to buy, so little time…” 🙂

  83. Great pics… Morocco seems to be such a treasure trove!

  84. VIbrant dazzling colours…love them…

  85. I love the way you captured these colors and textures. Looking at these photos feels almost like being in the bazar.

  86. Now following 🙂

  87. Vibrant prints. J’adore!

  88. This is such a beautiful post! How jealous I am of your trip 🙂

    • Cheers, Heather. It was actually a market in Manchester, but the next best thing to being there I guess 😀

      • Ah, I realized that after I read the post – sorry! Wrong order to do things I guess, lol. I have a friend who’s spent much time in Morocco and is going back this summer. Even just from the street fair pictures, I’m longing to go visit her. Thanks for further encouragement to save my pennies! 🙂

  89. I absolutely love the colours and patterns! Lovely!

  90. Great photos – I love the brilliant colours! Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!

    • Thanks for your feedback, Diana, much appreciated. Being Freshly Pressed is wonderful, and slightly insane too. I’d like to reply to everyone but it might take a few days… 😀

  91. toliveinspired

    Love these, I adore the colors and patterns.. I would love something like that near where I live! Thanks for sharing..

  92. Love the colour and the texture to these photos! Beautiful!

  93. These photos make me want to buy a plane ticket and head off to morocco tonight! Really beautiful post!

  94. Sigh. I think I would be happy if I could go everywhere all at once. These swatches of color and pattern are inspiring.

  95. The colors and textures so lovely. And also your photos… Thaks for this colorful post 🙂

  96. Wonderful and vibrant pictures.

  97. Love the colours! Wonderful, as always 🙂

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  99. trendymelbourne

    Woow Mark the pictures are simply amazing. I Love anything Moroccan and this put a huge smile and made my day all the way here in Melbourne.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Soo glad I stumbled on your blog.


  100. trendymelbourne

    Reblogged this on trendymelbourne and commented:
    Finding someone that can show the beauty of all things Moroccan. Amazing stuff Mark

  101. I love your photos and splashes of colors – thank you for brightening the day (or night) with them!

  102. What an incredibly beautiful blog you have here. Such a designer’s eye.

  103. Just looking at this post induces so many dreams! What gorgeous colors and textures and patterns and-and-and . . .

  104. SO colorful… and exotic…

  105. If you enjoyed the Morfoccan bazaar, as you’re in London – you should just hop over and visit Morocco. The senses will blow you away. I visited last year from New Zealand and just simply want to go back and see more.

    Came across your blog from you liking the carousel from wordpress. I have a blog as well and would be interested in exchanging ideas from you at some point. Any chance of chatting (text) on facebook or msn?

    Robyn Carter
    Photographer – New Zealand

  106. Thank you so much for liking my blog! I am blown away by yours. Breathtaking images. It’s on my bucket list to visit a Moroccan bazaar. Didn’t realise that all I needed to do was book a visit to Manchester!

  107. I love the way the page kinda has a wiggly curve to it 🙂
    Instagram made your photography pop. I love the way you did the close-up shots. I lived in Tangier in 1971. The markets were amazing. The spices and aroma’s seemed to come back in my mind while I checked out “Your Vibe”

    • I like the wigglyness too – it adds a bit of texture to a flat screen! I went for close-ups and detail because it’s better than trying to get the perfect wide shot, which I’m not so good at with an iPhone…

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