The Avalanches

Since I Left You, the iconic album by The Avalanches is about to get the ‘Deluxe Reissue’ treatment this year, setting the stage for the release of the mythical second Avalanches album which is rumoured to drop in 2012. This is my compilation of the very best bits of the many Avalanches DJ sets which have emerged over the years. I’ve gone for all the ‘up’ stuff and cut most of the shouty rap. This set starts on a sun lounger, becomes a pool party and ends up with a slight hangover. Nobody rocks like these guys, and if you could hire them for your do, people would be talking about it for years to come. If you could remember anything afterwards.

Download Halo’s and Heartstrings (right click)

The Avalanches online

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15 thoughts on “The Avalanches

  1. Stevo

    top tunes mate… cant wait for the new album… nice cover too

  2. This is excellent work, should tide me over before the new album….

  3. gordon m sutton

    Eclectic summery fun .. perfect .. a fabulous mix and fending off the grey skies nicely!

  4. lunasealife

    Aww I LOVE the Avalanches! Every once in awhile I’d wonder what happened to them… thanks for the good news!

  5. Scott

    Thanks fella, this is awesome! Me and my fiance were dancing around the kitchen to this, lets hope we see the new album soon!
    For you and all the fellow Av’s fans check it this ultra-rare remix they just put up on their Youtube account!

    • Cheers Scott, glad you both liked it, and thanks for the tip. Who would have thought Wham could sound so cool?

  6. Lawrence Calitz

    All the sounds I hungered for

  7. Just found this too. Nice day for it! Cheers 🙂

  8. Tim

    I just found the Avalanches website and the available mixes last night and did something along the same lines – called mine the Landslide Mix. I am looking forward to listening to yours.

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