A Tour of the Northern Quarter – Part 1

Northern Flower shop digital painting the vibes

Vintage type writer keyIt’s a mecca for DJs and clubbers, artists and fashionistas. Manchester’s funky town features vintage clothing, specialist record shops and art galleries. The Northern Quarter has a rich history boasting Italianate architecture and the first cotton mill. These days it’s all street art and café culture. Bohemian, or ‘vibrant’ as an estate agent might tell you as he shows you round a loft apartment, but you try getting some sleep at night…!

tiled wall art

These are the tiles of Tib Street, the details echoing the famous pet shops which stretched from Market Street to Swan Street.

Read A Tour of the Northern Quarter Part 2 here.

A Tour of The Northern Quarter – Part 3

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16 thoughts on “A Tour of the Northern Quarter – Part 1

  1. Beautiful. Nice contrast between the two photos.

    • Cheers, Gordon. Another blogger said you notice more when you carry a camera, so I went out with my Fuji Finepix and sure enough you do!

  2. Really like the new version. Checkout my image from the Northern Quarter too.

  3. Robert R

    Lucy at The Northern Flower will love that photo! Can I send it to her? 🙂

    • Yes of course! Send her the link, and I hope she doesn’t mind that I added signage and hanging baskets (they didn’t have any when I took the picture.)

  4. Garry Davenport

    You so lucky living in the northen quarter , do you want to swop for salford ? Great pics too Gaz

    • Hi Gaz! Glad you liked the pics, it’s always good to get kudos from a photographer.

      Salford? Lovely place. 🙂

      Look out for Part 2 coming this weekend…

  5. Two utterly different images yet both full of enticing detail and arcana! You were right to add the hanging baskets and signage in the first, since they bring so much character and completion to the composition–but then you in your graphic wisdom would know that! Never knew I needed to visit Manchester until now! 🙂

  6. Thanks Kathryn. The flower shop picture was really dull so I grabbed my artistic license and kept adding filters until I was happy. I’m pretending I really painted it by hand! If you do come to Manchester, come in July, when the clouds part briefly.

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  8. I miss Mancheseter big time, now I’m stuck in the smoke. Trof and Odd Bar in the Northern Quarter were my regular haunts! Used to like Afflecks Palace, but it’s all gone a bit cheap emo in recent years. Nice pics Mark!

    • Thanks Robonobo, I’m really proud of my Northern Quarter series. So you’re one of the guys who used to stagger past my flat at 3am shouting ‘United!’ 😮 Hope London is being good to you, thanks for dropping by.

  9. Love the watercolors illustrations..

    • Thank you! It’s actually a digital painting, done in Photoshop. I’m not sure I could paint as well as that…

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