Vintage type writer keyForest Fear

This is the video for my remix of Goldfrapp’s Thea, from the spellbinding album Tales Of Us. Forests, fairytales and film noir…just in time for Halloween!

vintage type writer keyTwisted Grace 

This is twisted, and perfect for the dark, voodoo vibes that make Grace Jones’ Hurricane album so compulsive. Just the right side of scary.

vintage type writer keySun in Wintertime

This should be number one: one of the most uplifting songs I know, and it’s made from bits of old bargain bin vinyl. Probably my favourite song of all time, it sounds like the sun coming out. In springtime. At the seaside.

vintage type writer keyHappiness

This is Goldfrapp rocking the retro psychedelics, from the album Seventh Tree. It’s not the actual video for the song, but it’s pretty impressive all the same. I love the sense of wonder, the surrealism and the enormous Hollywood budget.

vintage type writer keyFunkenstein

I did this! The tune is The Found Sound Orchestra, with their own funky remix of an old Demis Roussos disco dazzler. But the video is me messing around with found footage from YouTube.

vintage type writer keyCool Blonde

Blondie. They were punk but they dared to disco, they introduced the world to rap (thanks for that) and all with effortless cool. Debbie Harry invented cool, didn’t she? Intoxicating nonsense.

vintage type writer keyWonderful Electric

Goldfrapp again with a grinding track about…I can’t really say, but it’s a close relationship with a motorised object. There. It’s all in the title. Amazing animations in this video.

vintage type writer keyAstral projection

Crookram. It’s like being fired gently into space. There’s a hint of the 60s in the music, and a humorous use of editing: I love it when the images really fall into step with the song.

vintage type writer keyBeautiful Blue Box

Lemon Jelly with Spacewalk (“Just beautiful!”). I was going to post the original promo for this track, which is a great video, but I came across this. It’s an ingenious illustration of the song using footage from Doctor Who. A fan-made, feel-good clip. And you thought Doctor Who was all Bacofoil and wobbly sets.

vintage type writer keyBlissful Balloons

Goldfrapp! Again! With the sublime Clowns, a kind of Flake advert reverie from a past which never quite existed. I chose the instrumental version and edited in just one line of the vocal, lending my frankly barmy video a little poignancy. Sticking with the retro vibe, I went for old tv shows from my childhood, featuring ballons (Clowns is about breast implants.)

Typewriter key vintage 11

Geeks in Space

This is a short film I made of The Doctor Who Experience at London’s Kensington Olympia. Part exhibition, part theme park thrill-ride, totally brilliant! Sadly it’s closed now, but it’s supposed to be resurfacing in Cardiff soon. I got to fly the Tardis and was held hostage on the bridge of a Dalek mothership, but nothing beats the hushed awe of actually stepping onto the Tardis set. Geekiness abounds…

I remixed the Delia Derbyshire version of the theme music specially for this clip.

This chart could change at any time. They’re all in the wrong order, but I’ve got work to do so it’ll have to wait. And I forgot Billy Mackenzie!

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  1. Stevo

    i got lost in your blog. it’s got so much to look at 😀

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