The Haunted Carousel

Get your retro thrills here! We found an old Victorian-style carousel with horses and crazy fairground music and just couldn’t resist. The whole thing looks very genteel, but it’s a different story when you actually climb on. It goes a lot faster than you think and there’s nothing to stop you from falling off!

See the stills from Christmas Carousel here.

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8 thoughts on “The Haunted Carousel

  1. Yikes! It looks really fast so if it’s faster than it looks then that’s really scary. Glad you survived it! I love the look of the rain in this.

    • We didn’t expect to be clinging on for dear life but I guess that’s what people did before roller coasters. And waving an HD camera around with no real chance of any steady footage. The rain is kind of meant to be snow, but it’s my first attempt at green screen effects, so we’ll call it sleet! 🙂

      • That’s funny because I couldn’t fully decide if it was rain or snow. It does look like both (or sleet)!

      • That’s cool, but I don’t think Spielberg needs to worry at this point… 😀

  2. Stevo

    this is your best video yet! It’s kind of freaky but beautiful at the same time and the music is ace…so the snow isnt real? I noticed strange things happening at the end 😉

    • Cheers, Stevo. This is my favourite so far and I’ve started getting more adventurous with special effects and filters. I’m afraid the snow and a couple of other details are green screen…

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