Doctor Who is back!

The Good Doctor returns shortly with a new season to take us into the 50th anniversary year. This trailer looks like a whole heap of fun, raising the stakes with a real blockbuster approach. Expect big changes, from a shocking shake-up in the regular cast and some new titles (like Bond, the Doctor demands an iconic introduction.) Opening episode Asylum of the Daleks has premiered at the British Film Institute, so expect transmission dates to be announced soon!

Asylum of the Daleks Poster The Vibes

Asylum of the Daleks Preview The Vibes

Images © BBC


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4 thoughts on “Doctor Who is back!

  1. I wonder if there’ll be a new doctor? It would be about time. I’ve never quite got into the current incarnation (sorry, I know he has his fans, but we all have ones we like and don’t like and the current one’s never been a fave of mine.) Will be sad for ‘Pond’ to go though.

    • I’m exactly the opposite! I love matt Smith – he’s like a young Michael Palin, and probably my favourite since the Great Tom Baker. David Tennant was excellent, but slightly irritating.

      As for Pond, they could have made her shine, but she mumbled a lot and was a bit grouchy. Clara looks like fun, though…

  2. I was so distraught I don’t know where I posted my last comment, which should have appeared here. 🙂

    I can’t watch BBC here!

    • Hi Colin, where are you? Holidaying on the moon? 😀 I hope you can get BBC iPlayer or BBC America, because they will carry the new episodes. I think iPlayer is international now.

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