Canal Motif

Carved Canal Side Logo  Barge Tyre
Swan and signets   Traditional canal barge motif

These pictures are taken from a canal-boat cruise from Boothstown to Wigan in the North of England. The legacy of Britain’s industrial past glided by, full of rust and texture. There was wildlife in the undergrowth, the banks overgrown with character (and pubs.) We had a birthday party on board and almost demolished the barge, which was eventually confiscated by the owners. Even our picnic table collapsed beneath us as we moored at a local watering hole. All told, a wonderful day, Pimm’s on the boat – terribly English!

David Crimes Birthday Cruise Canal manchester See also David’s Birthday Cruise

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24 thoughts on “Canal Motif

  1. mrsbr

    Lovely colours in the photos.

  2. qe2tx

    Her Majesty loves your images! Beautiful!

    • It’s truly an honour, Your Royal Highness (bows) Thank you for gracing us with your…grace and…shit what does one say to Royalty? Cheers, Ma’am!

  3. Stevo

    Did you really get thrown off a barge after wrecking it?

  4. It was an accident! I really wish I’d listened to what my mother told me about steering barges…

  5. ‘Tales of the Riverbank’ was never like this. Sounds like a great day. I really like the shot of the tyre.

    • It was rock’n’roll all the way. The tyre is part of a bigger picture: more crazy canal capers coming up.

  6. Reblogged this on msamba.

  7. My parents just hired a barge for a canal trip in Wales. They enjoyed it. Yes, all very English.

    Nice photos too.

    • Well I imagine they behaved themselves like good civilised people! I wish we could say the same!

  8. Sounds like a great time! I’m glad the swan and ducks don’t mind a little rust and texture.

    • I was threatened by a fluffed up swan while I calmly took a picture! I used to live in a harbour, so I knew not to react. Still a bit scary…

  9. Cool appearance. Inspiring!

  10. Dvorak

    Really great pics.

    • Thanks for the reblog, and I’m glad you like the pics. I’ve got a similar post called Moroccan Bazaar (under Photography) check it out!

  11. Lovely finds, Mark!

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