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John Lennon – Head Guru

Liverpool keeps the dream alive. I went to see The Beatles Exhibition and John Lennon’s Memorial, mingling with Japanese tourists and ageing hippies. If you go to Cavern Walks, you get the feeling you’re in a Beatles theme park. Slightly more interesting is the Hard Days Night Hotel and The Beatles Shop where I bought tshirts and a Dinky Yellow Submarine.

John’s piano.

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View From an English Window Box

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It may be called The Rainy City, but the sun does shine in Manchester. It’s been a good year for my flower boxes – take a look!

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Beach House – My First Song in GarageBand

beach house

Summer’s done…

Picture it: the Norfolk coast 1967, sitting round a fire on the beach at dusk, warm sand beneath your feet. The ebb and flow of the tide, restless mixed feelings at the end of the season. It’s the happy/sad feeling The Beach Boys did so well, honed to perfection by The Avalanches…

Originally this track was made very quickly to a tight deadline for work. The brief was to create a laid-back soundtrack to relax students and induce a creative atmosphere, and this sparse little folk number emerged with a beach theme. It consisted of Apple Loops layered together in GarageBand, but I always felt something was missing and decided to add some depth, spicing up the sixties flavour. There’s even a few bars of Sgt. Pepper’s-style backwards tape for the sake of pure nostalgia. Goldfrapp did retro psychedelics so well on Seventh Tree, so I guess you could say I was under the influence!

Listen here,

or download here,
Beach House (remix) right click.

Check out my Cosmic Jukebox for more of my remixes and edits.

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Sunshine Beats with Crookram

We’re having a heatwave!

Yes folks, Manchester is as hot as Athens, if only for one day. Here’s the perfect track for baking in the sun: the blissed-out, beautific beats of Crookram. He’s from Holland, you know.

And another sun bathing track, Crookram – Sur La Route…

The album, Through Windows can be downloaded free from
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The Avalanches-Halo’s and Heartstrings Mixtape

The Found Sound Orchestra-Once Round the Dancefloor and Home Mixtape

The Devious Corporation-Disco Jesus

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Dubai – Where Money Lives

‘What exactly do we call these Abu Dhabian, Dubian people?’ asked my friend Gordon brightly one morning. ‘Arabs,’ I replied.

In the spirit of Las Vegas, Arab princes compete with each other to see who can build the tallest tower, importing foreign culture wholesale. In the case of Dubai, the West is best and Stetsons can be seen amongst the dish-dashes and kanduras. The architecture is stunning, hotels monumental. This is where money lives.

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