The Olympic Games Closing Ceremony


Take your seats please, ladies and gentlemen because the party’s nearly over. But not until The Fab Lady sings.

Kate Bush Olympic Games Closing Ceremony Mark Wallis The Vibes

Kate Bush is rumoured to be performing Running Up That Hill at the Olympic Closing Ceremony. If it’s true then let me tell you, the top of my head will blow off and all manner of fantasmagoria will erupt like the cover of Never For Ever. The astonishingly inept Amazon might have accidentally posted the Running Up That Hill 2012 remix too early and spoilt the surprise…and then removed it again – so I’m taking that as confirmation that she’s on the bill.Kate Bush Never For Ever Album Art

The last time she performed live was 1987 (apart from a mere cameo vocal in 2002 with Dave Gilmour of Pink Floyd), and her last tour was in 1979! This a monumental event for British music and Kate’s vast fandom. It’s been a fantastic fortnight of sporting achievement, but this really is the cherry on the cake. I hope she jumps out of one!

We’ll be celebrating in Manchester with Boots’ Chocolate Gold medals and mucho Absolut.

Kate Bush Running Up That Hill 2012 Remix cover art

+ + + UPDATE: track available on iTunes, click image to preview + + +
+ + + UPDATE2: Kate Bush no show + bunting taken down + + +
Main picture based on original motion graphics created by Anthem and Mammoth Graphics. Closing ceremony Sunday 21:00 GMT on a TV screen near you, unless you have NBC and then you’ll have to wait for an edited version.
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19 thoughts on “The Olympic Games Closing Ceremony

  1. Herman

    Kate Bush! Please let it be true…

    • I thought you’d like that! Wouldn’t it be amazing? Other rumours include Pet Shop Boys (Rach? Are you getting this?) and possibly David Bowie, although I might have started that one myself because he was referenced so much in the Opening Ceremony. Honestly, I’ll be happy with Pink Floyd.

  2. Oh, I think Kate Bush accompanied by Placebo singing “Running up that hill” would make me… explode.

    • Imagine opening with Pure Morning and then Kate appearing. Out of the floor. On a wedding cake. Dressed as Mary Poppins.

      • Is that when they’d switch songs to “Nancy boy”?

      • Ha Ha! That would be wonderful, I love that track so much – it’s a true shit-kicker. They could have the half naked bull-headed dancers on roller-skates from the Sat in Your Lap video. Kate would get the line ‘greatest lay I ever had’…

  3. This isn’t the remix, repeat: isn’t. But it’s got a funky rubber ball bass line to get you in the mood.

  4. That will be quite an event. Unfortunately I will likely not get to see it as NBC will cut to a clip of Ryan Seacrest discussing the volleyball team.

    I hope it is true though.

    • Q: What is wrong with Ryan Seacrest’s mouth?

      A: Everything.

      I hope you get to see it, in all it’s glory, Elliot. That’s the ceremony, not the mouth.

      • That made me laugh! – You could easily follow that up with “What’s wrong with Ryan Seacrest”? – Everything.

        Hopefully they will show it all.

      • Yes, let’s have a big UK-shaped love in. Apparently the atmosphere in London is electric, everyone smiling and being nice to each other. And it’s warm!

      • No Kate Bush,that part must have been edited out 🙂

        All in, it was a decent closing ceremony, if not a bit cheesy and a bit too much Jessie J (whoever that is).

      • Kate was a no show like Bowie, but the rest of it was great – the John Lennon part was my favourite and I think he got the biggest cheer. Amazing isn’t it? Lennon’s dead but he still managed to turn up…:???:

      • It is a shame they did not do the tupac hologram thing with Freddie Mercury. That would have been amusing.

        I wonder whats up with Bowie these days? There is an interesting piece on his electronic stuff in this months Mojo magazine.

  5. oh well i ve read its a slowed down version with a toned down voice. we shall see tomorrow
    pet shop boys are in.confirmed

    • It’s actually the ideal Olympic anthem if you listen to the lyrics – struggling against all odds. And the video is a classic. I just watched it again (see above) and that is some mean choreography.

  6. London? Friendly and warm? And I’m out of the country so I can’t verify this. It would mean that the age of miracles was upon us. Just kidding. I like London. But friendly isn’t an adjective I would use to describe it. 🙂

    • There were some crazy loved up people on BBC News in Hyde Park watching the big screens. I guess we should accept that this is a once in a lifetime event and just…go completely mad!

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