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Skyline Design

Northern Quarter Wallpaper 2  Northern Quarter Wallpaper 1Northern Quarter Wallpaper 3  Northern Quarter Wallpaper 4

I made an impressionistic photo-collage of my neighbourhood, Manchester’s Northern Quarter and it’s distinctive skyline. As you can see from looking at my blog, I love texture and paper, and it wasn’t long before my bohemian skyline design became like a print on a crumpled paper shopping bag. Then I fed the images through the kaleidoscope on my phone and arrived at what appears to be lo-fi retro wallpaper prints. I love recycling stuff! You can see the original source images here and here.

Mark Wallis Facebook Header 3 Northern Quarter

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The Cornerhouse Cinema Manchester

The Cornerhouse Cinema Manchester

Sometimes when the sun sets, Manchester looks quite cozy. But it’s 0˚C so it’s time to stop standing in the middle of of busy traffic waving an iPhone and get home where it’s warm. Stopping traffic to take pictures is my worst habit…

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Secret Doors of the World

Door Oia Santorini Greece

Little House, Oia, Santorini, Greece.

I’ve found myself in some strange places. Camera in hand, partner and tourists rolling their eyes: it’s a door. Why is that man taking pictures of a door? I love the stuff that other people walk straight past.

Rusting door castlefield manchester

Rusting door, Castlefield, Manchester

It’s the mystery, the history, the peeling paint and the rust. Forgotten locks and handles, or maybe some overwrought filigree. To me, the texture of weathered neglect is beautiful.

weathered wall and iron gate santorini greece

Weathered wall and iron gates, Santorini, Greece

When the sleeve gets tugged I say ‘Go and flick through Facebook in the café – I’ve found something fascinating…’ There are hidden wonders to be found if you wander from the beaten track.

Hacienda Barcelona

Haçienda, Barcelona

Coming back from Parc Güell above Barcelona, I spotted this charming little haçienda and in my mind, I bought it and moved in straight away.

Art Nouveau Door Brussels

Fantastic Art Nouveau shop door, Brussels.

As beautiful as Brussels is, I could have spent all day in Grote Markt and missed this elaborate example of Art Nouveau architecture which was hiding down a side street. I stopped the traffic to get this shot, while the horns hooted.

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The Cosmic Jukebox – Digital Art

The Vibes Cosmic Jukebox Gramophone Mark Wallis

For some strange reason I woke up with a head full of gramophones and bass-bins, and a vague smokey idea formed in my mind’s eye. Combining my fascination with retro-tech, mandalas and nixie-clock neon, a rather bold-looking music machine emerged from Photoshop in all it’s steampunk glory. This is a collage of about ten separate images, all wrangled into place.

The Cosmic Jukebox is here, and you can hear my remixes, edits and original tunes on my dream-pop music page. Expect “shooting stars and astral choirs, summer flutes and sitars.”

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Northern Flower – digital painting

Northern Flower shop digital painting the vibes

This is Northern Flower, a shop in the Northern Quarter of Manchester. I did this digital painting as part of my Tour of the Northern Quarter series back in February, when the store had no signage. Since then, a rather cool Gaudi-style mosaic has appeared, so I’ve done an update because it’s such a great sign. Below you can see my source picture, which is a bit grumpy and grey…

Northern Flower shop Northern Quarter the vibes

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