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“Sometimes I need sunshine in my mind.”

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Get that sunset feeling on my chillout jukebox High Tunes

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Coming Home

home by Mark Wallis on The Vibes

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The Cornerhouse Cinema Manchester

The Cornerhouse Cinema Manchester

Sometimes when the sun sets, Manchester looks quite cozy. But it’s 0˚C so it’s time to stop standing in the middle of of busy traffic waving an iPhone and get home where it’s warm. Stopping traffic to take pictures is my worst habit…

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Never Gone Forever

Sparky the ginger cat reads the newspaperI just watched The Lovely Bones and I’m in pieces. It made me think of my beloved ginger piglet, who I still miss two years after he passed away. A beautiful film which deals with the darkest of subjects and mixes comedy and tragedy to show the best and the worst in human nature.

Sky view from a planeThe scene which set me off was the one which explored the idea of people finding subtle ways to say goodbye after they’ve departed. I’ve felt something like this on several occasions, indefinable but with almost absolute certainty. It’s reassuring to feel that there are connections between us which last forever. So, now, who threw that snowball?

Sunset in Greece

For Herman, his mother, Jones and Sparky.

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Legendary Santorini Sunset

Here’s the legendary sunset in Santorini. So impressive it gets a round of applause at the point of exit. Sun-crazed tourists whoop and scream their appreciation of Mother Nature, a primal reaction to pure unadulterated beauty. I think pagans have the right idea about the sun. It’s a thing of worship, even if I do have burnt forearms.

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