Skyline Design

Northern Quarter Wallpaper 2  Northern Quarter Wallpaper 1Northern Quarter Wallpaper 3  Northern Quarter Wallpaper 4

I made an impressionistic photo-collage of my neighbourhood, Manchester’s Northern Quarter and it’s distinctive skyline. As you can see from looking at my blog, I love texture and paper, and it wasn’t long before my bohemian skyline design became like a print on a crumpled paper shopping bag. Then I fed the images through the kaleidoscope on my phone and arrived at what appears to be lo-fi retro wallpaper prints. I love recycling stuff! You can see the original source images here and here.

Mark Wallis Facebook Header 3 Northern Quarter

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14 thoughts on “Skyline Design

  1. Gorgeous!

  2. Pattern is one of my favourite things. These are super.

  3. Purpleowltree1234

    I *love* your print collage!!!! 🙂
    love from Rach.

  4. Cheers Rach, I’m really pleased with it 😀

  5. Frivolous Monsters

    I see your prehistoric-looking toucans and the Jazz Dragon, but what/where is the cat? Is it the legendary Coronation Street cat?

    • The cat is an echo of Sparky, my old ginger tom who features in my avatar. Also, a cat used to live on the roof opposite my lounge window (until I called the RSPCA) which is where I got the chimney from. Some people throw bread for pigeons – I threw handfuls of tuna!

  6. Very cool – I can see the birds and trumpet in the designs.

    • Thanks, Sheila. I love the neon tower, which would be a real landmark if it was working properly. I can see it from my lounge and people say ‘You are lucky – it’s like living in New York!’

      • That would be fun to see something like that out your window. I used to be able to see a tiny Boston skyline way off in the distance only because it was an attic apartment. Now I just see trees but those are good too.

      • It’s a piece of art, but it’s kind of broken – I’m trying to get the Council to repair it. Love light sculptures! It sounds so nice where you are.

  7. G’day Mark you have such an artistic eye, who would’ve thought the skyline would make such a funky pattern, I love it…

    • Thanks, I think I’m getting more experimental. It’s amazing what comes out of my phone these days…

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