A Tour of The Northern Quarter – Part 2

vintage type writer keyThe weather’s sh*t but the clothes are fantastic!

Manchester would be perfect if it was just a little closer to the equator. The second part of my tour of the Northern Quarter looks at the wonders hidden between the boutiques and the bars.

metal bird sculpture
The light in Manchester can be really stubborn. This picture was unusable until I started experimenting. It’s amazing how much information can be extracted from the pictures we delete. This one went through iPhoto and Photoshop and I was surprised at what came out. These metal birds are just round the corner from my apartment. Everywhere you look in the Northern Quarter there are tiles or sculptures, murals and installations. The streets are paved with poetry! You can read Lemn Sissay as you walk up Tib Street.

Where home
truths trickle
home and confide
where the silent
forests brood

We even had a Banksy which was lovingly painted over by the City Council.

wall tile mural tib street

This mural was right outside my lounge window for years, and it was only when I took this picture that I noticed how rich it is, detailing the history of the neighbourhood.

Tib Street terracotta parrots
These terracotta parrots, loyal to Manchester, can be seen roosting above the flickering neon of Matt & Phred’s jazz bar.

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5 thoughts on “A Tour of The Northern Quarter – Part 2

  1. Don’t see that you need to live nearer the equator, with all of these exotic birds roosting right nearby. But then, having lived in Seattle environs for many years before warping south to Texas (and I use the word “warp” advisedly!) I think I can sympathize with having had the gloomy-weather irritation from time to time. However, looks like you’re in a town full of fabulous details if you are smart enough to keep your eyes open for them! Really fantastic shots, Mark. Great stuff.

    • Good to hear from you, Kathryn and I’m glad you liked the pictures. A friend of mine told me to look up all the time if I wanted to see the architecture and details that most people miss. After colliding with a few lamp posts and pedestrians I can say he’s right!

  2. And I share your pleasure in finding ways to digitally rescue otherwise unusable shots. When they turn out so well it’s twice the fun of just getting the shot SOOC.

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