The Time Travel Tourist

Rottenstone Lane, Scratby, Norfolk

This week The Vibes is being beamed to you from Norfolk on the east coast of England. Some of my earliest memories are of family holidays in Scratby, a tiny seaside village perched on a crumbling cliff edge.

Wakefield Court, Scratby, Norfolk

I loved the rackety little wooden cottages huddled round village greens, staring out to sea. We could step out of the door and stumble down crooked cliff steps which fell away to the beach. Everything seemed to be peeling and dilapidated, scoured by the wind and the sea, bleached by the sun. Salty air and sand in our hair.

Scratby Crescent Bungalow Norfolk

Every year we travelled to Scratby, taking our friends and relatives, until I left home in my teens and Norfolk became a happy memory. Twenty five years later I’m back, reliving my childhood, exploring Norfolk’s charming, flat beauty.

Scratby Sea View Norfolk

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9 thoughts on “The Time Travel Tourist

  1. steviepreater

    I love the photographs

  2. It’s funny when your younger you can’t wait to grow up and make new traditions. As we get older, it’s such a kick to relive our childhood memories.
    I love the photos too.

    • Thanks, Nikki. I completely de-stressed revisiting my childhood, getting a fresh handle on the future. Healthy perspective!

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  4. Looks like a fabulous place!

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