Summer Salt

Scratby CottageMy sunny memories of childhood holidays in Norfolk have blurred slightly, like the faded glamour of an English seaside village. I’m the Time Travel Tourist, powered by nostalgia, jaunting back to the sand dunes and salty air of 1970s Scratby. Days were spent on bright windy beaches, and at night we retired to our charming, creaky wooden cottages on the cliff top.

Beach Huts, Great YarmouthDerelict Cottage, ScratbyI found a derelict cottage with all the original features, and I’m dreaming of a day when I can renovate it…

Yarmouth and Scratby, norfolk
The sea is loud and feisty, with mournful fog horns and Bouy bells in the night, magical sounds to my childhood self, and just as hypnotizing to me now.

Scratby Beach

See the first episode The Time Travel Tourist, and also Beach Rain

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7 thoughts on “Summer Salt

  1. I love cottages like that too. They have such a ocean summer feel to them complete with sand on the wooden floors and seashells scattered around. I hope you do get to renovate this one – it looks like the perfect place to be. Happy summer!

    • We used to get sand everywhere! My mother was constantly sweeping up after us. I loved the beach and we used to bring most of it home with us. I think I found my dream home, happy days.

  2. Oh, boy–I can see why you’d yearn for rehabbing that place. Mighty pretty.

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