Hazy Shade of Summer

ginger cat and chive flowers

Little ginger cat

It’s a hazy shade of summer down on the allotment, everything’s blooming, colourful chaos. I slipped through security and wandered into the sunset, meeting a gorgeous little ginger cat who rolled around and posed for pictures. How do cats know it’s a camera? Little Ginge reminded me of the Late Great Sparky, my beloved super-sized tom cat who features elsewhere on The Vibes. The bees were buzzing in the dying rays of the sun, refusing to pose for the camera – just too plain busy! Good to see so many of them.

chive flowers Clevelys Avenue allotment chorlton manchester

Chives in the sunset

Cat in a Pot     ginger cat rolling on the ground

Bee in a flower at sunset

Bee in a flower at sunset

A print design I made from a picture of some blue flowers

A print design I made from a picture of some blue flowers

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16 thoughts on “Hazy Shade of Summer

  1. Beautiful photos! Cats really do seem to love cameras until the hate them. Then you will never get a picture of that cat again.

    • Thanks Megan! It’s true that cats love the attention until they realise it’s not for Paris Vogue and then you just get the dried banana…

  2. Glorious shots!

  3. Beautiful set of photos.the cat is cute

  4. Gorgeous palette. You’ve captured that summer feeling perfectly.

  5. Ginger and chives and bellflowers, what a wonderful way to spend an evening.

    • It was very peaceful. The little cat made my heart strings twang for a kitten… but I’m not sure I can have one in the new place. Since I moved from the city, I’m really appreciating all the good stuff.

  6. I love the sun streaming through the chives. And the kitty, well a model in the making.
    Great shots.

    • Cheers – I often see something eye-catching which the camera fails to capture, and luckily this one came out really well. The cat has since been named Ruby and is a popular character down on the allotment. She’s only a baby!

  7. Gorgeous! I think little miss Ruby was channeling Sparky for a return visit to you! How sweet. 🙂 I love the streaming sun. Incredibly alluring altogether.

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