Beach Rain

Neil Scott, Great Yarmouth 2013, by Mark Wallis “Feel the rain like an English summer,

Hear the notes from a distant song.”


Sometimes, when you’re stumbling along in wet sand, trying to take pictures of everything at once, a wonderful and rare mistake will become your best picture ever. Just make sure you say it was deliberate, and brush the sand off your clothes.


Scratby and Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Nothing calms the soul quite like a rainy beach, deck chairs flapping in the wind under a hide-and-seek sun.

Deck Chairs, Great Yarmouth Seafront

Every morning at dawn, I sneak to the cliff edge to catch the sun rising. And every morning the famous Norfolk sunrise beats me to it. This is the closest I got…

Sunrise over Scratby, Norfolk

See the start of this tale in The Time Travel Tourist, and episode two, Summer Salt.

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10 thoughts on “Beach Rain

  1. looks lovely and peaceful

  2. Especially like the first and the last picture. Makes me missing the sea. Fortunately, I’m going home to the coast again soon 🙂

    • Thanks, Viola. There’s something about being close to the sea – we always return. I love the clean air and the dramatic sky, even if the sun is hiding!

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  5. I know this part of the coast quite well and it didn’t always have the qualities you depict so well here. My vote goes to the North Norfolk coast!

    • Thanks Mike! I caught Norfolk during summer storms – usually it’s very sunny and also much busier. Scratby has been allowed to crumble a bit since it’s 70s heyday, and I love the vintage patina, but I also went north to visit my mother in Blakeney, which is very beautiful!

      • I can’t diasgree with that! Was on Old Hunstanton beach on Christmas Day during my last visit – very pleasant even in the freezing cold!

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