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The Avalanches

Since I Left You, the iconic album by The Avalanches is about to get the ‘Deluxe Reissue’ treatment this year, setting the stage for the release of the mythical second Avalanches album which is rumoured to drop in 2012. This is my compilation of the very best bits of the many Avalanches DJ sets which have emerged over the years. I’ve gone for all the ‘up’ stuff and cut most of the shouty rap. Continue reading

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Orlando the Marmalade Cat

When I was young, my mother gave me a book from her childhood, Orlando the Marmalade Cat – His Silver wedding. I’m still fascinated by the illustrations of Kathleen Hale which captivated me as a child, and I’ve never seen an illustrator manage to evoke the slinky, almost human characteristics of cats with such grace and humour. Searching for more titles led me to a couple of surprising discoveries, such as Orlando smoking a hookah! As for invisible pyjamas… Continue reading

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Groove to the Disco Jesus!

Wig out to Joey Negro, Leftside Wobble and The Found Sound Orchestra. It’s the sound of the 70s..or is it how we want the 70s to sound? Press play to brighten your day. Continue reading

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This is my shrine to Goldfrapp, videos I’ve made, mashups I’ve mashed and the odd remix. Enjoy!
Drew by Goldfrapp (Clockwork remix by The Devious Corporation

My latest remix is Drew – Clockwork Mix, using just the vocal from the original and building a cinematic soundscape from ghostly whispers, ticking clocks and a huge orchestra.

Mark Wallis remix of Thea by Goldfrapp

This is one of the stand out tracks from Goldfrapp’s Tales of Us album, remixed by me, rocking the tribal flavour and adding a few angry mobs here and there. Sit back and grab a burning torch – it’s Thea, the Totem mix!

Nobody remixed Cologne Cerrone Houdini. So it was left to me to knock together a stoned sort of edit, using extracts from the track mixed into the instrumental with added samples and an interview with Alison which sums up the Seventh Tree era. It’s faster than the original and starts backwards! (This one contains cussin’ so it’s rated PG)

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Here’s some footage of Goldfrapp live in Manchester on the Head First Tour. The soundtrack was unusable, so I edited in a little remix of Beautiful, which should be their live standard. But isn’t.

The original version of Goldfrapp’s Winter Wonderland sounded unfinished. I finished it with a choir, bells and big drums. Tinkerbell meets Slade. I also added extra whistling and a quote from It’s a Wonderful Life at the end. I think it’s Animal from The Muppets on drums…

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Clowns is one of the most beautiful pieces of music I’ve ever heard. Here’s my attempt at a music video, mixing tv performances from Seventh Tree with The Banana Splits, a children’s tv show from the 70s. I can explain. Clowns took me back to the Flake adverts of the 70s and my childhood. The Banana Splits are part of that nostalgia, and chime with Alison dressing up in a bunny costume during the playful Seventh Tree era. I opted for the balloon scene after Alison said the song was about breast implants… I used the instrumental version of Clowns and edited in just one line of the vocal, which I thought was poignant. There are also some vinyl scratches to complete the rose-coloured haze.

It was an accident, finding how well these two songs go together. I was making a compilation tape and as Black Cherry ended, Song to the Siren began. Within minutes I was mixing them together using the most primitive software I could find. Elizabeth Fraser was used sparingly as a backing vocal, allowing space for the vast emptiness of Black Cherry, until they build to a crescendo which compliments the main song. It’s quite hard to take two starkly beautiful songs like this and make them work together without ending up with Ballad Soup.

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More fun with iPhone and Photoshop

This is my bedside table lamp, fed through a kaleidoscope app and then ‘shopped. Called it Blue Volts, because it looks a bit electrical. Continue reading

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