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Santorini, Adio.

It’s difficult leaving an island like Santorini, particularly if you’re returning to the smouldering shops of Manchester. I will never complain about 35°C again. Everything they say about it is true: it’s impossibly beautiful, and seems to get more breath-taking every time you turn a corner. We had a garden apartment with a sea view, like a little Barbary Lane with a sun terrace and jacuzzi on the roof. There were lazy days soaking up the rays and nights were spent in the stylish cave-bars and restaurants which cling to the cliffs, watching the cruise ships and shuttles glowing far beneath us like deep-sea creatures in the dark. You could be forgiven for thinking you’ve woken up on the set of Mama Mia, and the sunsets looked like something out of a movie. I left my heart in San Francisco, but my flip-flops belong to Santorini.

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Legendary Santorini Sunset

Here’s the legendary sunset in Santorini. So impressive it gets a round of applause at the point of exit. Sun-crazed tourists whoop and scream their appreciation of Mother Nature, a primal reaction to pure unadulterated beauty. I think pagans have the right idea about the sun. It’s a thing of worship, even if I do have burnt forearms.

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More Santorini Vibes

I came here looking for the famous blue-domed church which features so seductively in all the pictures of Santorini. It wasn’t long before I realised there has been some kind of church-building competition which means there are almost as many blue domes as there are houses. They look like someone left a selection of wedding cakes across the island. Blue, peach, white… all of them handsome and striking. Apart from the peach. I’m not sure about the peach.


I’m using the WordPress app for iPhone by the way, and it seems to work like a dream, in case anyone’s interested. Unfortunately, Wi-Fi in Santorini seems to be like trying to pick up radio signals in World War II: any expressive hand gestures and you can forget about a signal.


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Santorini Vibes

I hate flying. It’s like being squashed into a cigar tube and fired from a cannon. We were aimed at Athens and bounced briefly off Belgium. Santorini is in the Greek archipelago and it’s famous for being the most beautiful island with the best sunsets on Earth. They have Wi-Fi!


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Bei Ru


Bei Ru is the sound of Armenia mixed with the swagger of LA breaks and beats. Groove through the spectrum of hip-hop to lost, loungey seventies vibes and movie soundtracks. Break out the Cuban cigars with Titanium Pimp Strut, or drift away on the smoke of Yeraz, but take a while to soak in the rich culture of Little Armenia, 1975.



Bei Ru can be found at and has free downloads on his Facebook page.

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