View From an English Window Box

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It may be called The Rainy City, but the sun does shine in Manchester. It’s been a good year for my flower boxes – take a look!

Click on the images for full-sized summer colour…

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4 thoughts on “View From an English Window Box

  1. Lovely pictures. Loved the vibrant colours of flowers. I am a new blogger, just started blogging and reading others’ blog posts. Yours is lovely.

  2. Wow, those flowers look beautiful. You are lucky to have such blooming flowers next to your windows. Love the post. I am totally impressed with the elegant look of these flowers and close-up snapshots.. great…

    • Cheers LP! In the absence of a back yard I really went for the vertical gardening thing. People used to stop and take pictures, and I was known locally as the Guy with the Flowers.

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