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Summer comes early!

The Found Sound OrchestraThey’re back with their sunny tunes after a very long holiday. Hop over to my music blog, High Tunes to listen to blissful new track Tipsy.

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XY Outro – The Found Sound Orchestra

I made a video! The Found Sound Orchestra make songs out of bits of other songs, and I used the same technique here with found footage to make the movie. I chose some of the most stunning time-lapse clips I could find, made by some very talented photographers from Vimeo. My video is in HD and I tried to create an atmosphere of sheltering from a storm, huddling around a campfire with autumn shivers down the spine, while the cosmos cartwheels above.

Hope you like it!

UPDATE: We’ve been visited by the FSO! Check out the comments section…

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David’s Birthday Cruise

Pimm’s ahoy! We all piled onto a barge at Boothstown marina in Salford and went on a cruise for David’s birthday.  There was a party on board, with booze, bumps and bridges along the way. We whistled at hunky firemen and scared the ducks.  Almost a perfect day!

Barge Tyre See also Canal Motif

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The Return of The Found Sound Orchestra

Found Sound Orchestra

‘The Found Sound Orchestra embrace your Mum and Dad’s record collection and re-love your sisters Smash Hits flexi disc of Bucks Fizz B sides to make the type of audio cocktail better heard than explained.’

They’re back. After a five month hiatus, The Found Sound Orchestra return with a chilled and quirky tune. Explaining their absence, Kneel Mason of the FSO said, “Whoops!’ and “Erm…” This year’s 52 Weeks project has been so good that you can forgive the long silence. And it’s all free, so who’s complaining?

Listen to Perils of the City here

My Found Sound Orchestra mixtape is here

My video for Right About Midnight

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Check out my Vibe-O-scope: Video Curios

kaleidoscope fractal

This is my slightly random video chart of great tunes and freaky videos. See Grace Jones stretched into something very alien or just groove with Blondie. From Lemon Jelly’s demonic kaleidoscope to Goldfrapp’s bizarre animations, it’s a trip.

Click here to see the Vibe-O-scope.

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