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Summer Somewhere

Cleveleys Avenue Allotment in Chorlton Manchester

This is a new framed print available at Chorlton Art Market in Manchester, England. A few years back I spent an idyllic, blissful summer on the allotment at the end of Cleveleys Avenue, bees buzzing, flowers blooming and baking hot sunshine. Mother Nature at her finest, just south of the city, rendered as digital art from several photographs I took as a memento for a rainy day. Swing by the Market for art and cards for Mother’s Day and Easter.

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Storming Autumn

Panoramic Rainbow in Manchester by Mark WallisThe Manchester sky was full of angry clouds and sheets of rain – the kind of rain that sets off car alarms. In the space of an hour, I was treated to a spectacular double rainbow, a pre-Raphaelite sunset and a Lon Chaney moon.
Rainow by Mark WallisPre-Raphaelite sunset in Chorlton by Mark WallisLon Chaney Full Monn in Chorlton Manchester UK by Mark Wallis

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The Garden of England

English Cottage in Kent

There’s a reason it’s called ‘the garden of England’ – Kent is full of chocolate box villages. Driving through scenery like this is a slow process if you brake for photo opportunities.

Images of KentHouse in Faversham Kent Continue reading

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Hazy Shade of Summer

ginger cat and chive flowers

Little ginger cat

It’s a hazy shade of summer down on the allotment, everything’s blooming, colourful chaos. I slipped through security and wandered into the sunset, meeting a gorgeous little ginger cat who rolled around and posed for pictures. How do cats know it’s a camera? Little Ginge reminded me of the Late Great Sparky, my beloved super-sized tom cat who features elsewhere on The Vibes. The bees were buzzing in the dying rays of the sun, refusing to pose for the camera – just too plain busy! Good to see so many of them.

chive flowers Clevelys Avenue allotment chorlton manchester

Chives in the sunset

Cat in a Pot     ginger cat rolling on the ground

Bee in a flower at sunset

Bee in a flower at sunset

A print design I made from a picture of some blue flowers

A print design I made from a picture of some blue flowers

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Pimm’s on the Allotment

Oh how terribly English! This week I went back to Shaun’s allotment, which is now in full bloom. Because Brit Summer is such an unpredictable lass, the nation tends to go slightly crazy when the sun comes out, and you all know how I like my rays. I grab the beautiful details with my phone, usually at random, and record them here so you can all see how I view the world. It’s not a charmed life that I lead, so I appreciate those little glimpses of beauty – nature in full parade.

Thistle, Cleveleys Avenue allotment Chorlton

Sun behind a thistle

Cleveleys avenue allotment Chorlton

Shaun sowing seeds

windmill cleveleys allotment Chorlton


Reeds cleveleys allotment chorlton


Pimm's on Cleveleys allotment chorlton

Pimm’s on the allotment

Cleveleys allotment chorlton


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