Never Gone Forever

Sparky the ginger cat reads the newspaperI just watched The Lovely Bones and I’m in pieces. It made me think of my beloved ginger piglet, who I still miss two years after he passed away. A beautiful film which deals with the darkest of subjects and mixes comedy and tragedy to show the best and the worst in human nature.

Sky view from a planeThe scene which set me off was the one which explored the idea of people finding subtle ways to say goodbye after they’ve departed. I’ve felt something like this on several occasions, indefinable but with almost absolute certainty. It’s reassuring to feel that there are connections between us which last forever. So, now, who threw that snowball?

Sunset in Greece

For Herman, his mother, Jones and Sparky.

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14 thoughts on “Never Gone Forever

  1. I remember the film, I saw in some months ago. Very emotional.

    I love your images. 🙂

    • Hi Val, glad you like the pictures. I read the book when I was on holiday in the Canaries, and let’s just say it wasn’t holiday reading! Fantastic novel, but the film blew me away. As you say, very moving 🙂

  2. Herman

    Thank you very much Mark. This is so kind of you.

  3. Herman

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  4. Such a touching post….beautiful! 🙂

  5. I’ve come over from Herman’s: what a beautiful post, summing up something so profound so succinctly.

    • Thank you Kate, I thought a few lines said more than a rambling essay (and I do go on a bit) and it was an instinctive response to Herman, since we both seemed to be going through the same thing at the exact same moment.

  6. Mark,
    I also came over from Herman’s blog…I remember thinking it a beautiful film as well. I watched it with trepidation thinking it might be too depressing, but it was very well-done. Your photos are beautiful.

    • Hi Sue, thanks for dropping by. Glad you like the photos, I kind of chose them instinctively. I made myself watch the movie because I knew Peter Jackson’s idea of Heaven would be pretty spectacular, and I’m glad I did. And I think Herman sent out a very clear sentiment which I tuned into, and a lot of good feeling has come from something so sad.

  7. I threw the snowball – glad to see it just barely got you! I was afraid this movie might be too depressing but I’ll have to watch it now. I’ve been reading Tales of the City and I love it!

    • It’s very uplifting at the end, with more than a splash of the Spielbergs (executive producer) and visually stunning. Those Tales books are great fun and thoroughly addictive. As for the snowball…I’ll be throwing one right back at you, Sheila, just as soon as we get some snow!

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