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Summer Somewhere

Cleveleys Avenue Allotment in Chorlton Manchester

This is a new framed print available at Chorlton Art Market in Manchester, England. A few years back I spent an idyllic, blissful summer on the allotment at the end of Cleveleys Avenue, bees buzzing, flowers blooming and baking hot sunshine. Mother Nature at her finest, just south of the city, rendered as digital art from several photographs I took as a memento for a rainy day. Swing by the Market for art and cards for Mother’s Day and Easter.

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Reap the Wild Earth

Blue shed on a Manchester Allotment

Blue Shed

Garden Canes and Wild Flowers

Garden Canes and Wild Flowers

It’s a breathless title for a very tranquil subject. My friend took me to see his allotment on the edge of the city. The street stops, we walk through a gate and… peace. Plants of every description, some in neat little rows, others waging nature’s gentle war. Green crawling over everything man-made, dismantling us so slowly we can’t even see it. How long would it take for a jungle to grow over the lost ruins of Manchester?

Chorlton Allotment

Chorlton Allotment

Tulips and red shed

Tulips and red shed

manchester allotment Wild flowers

Wild Flowers

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