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Easter on the Edge

This is Alderley Edge in Cheshire, England. It’s a place steeped in myth and legend, inspiring Lewis Carroll’s Cheshire Cat and Alan Garner’s series of spooky children’s folk tales, such as The Owl Service. King Arthur is supposed to have met Merlin the Wizard here, and tucked under The Edge is an ancient Wishing Well, with Merlin’s face carved into the rock.

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English Summer

This is Prestbury, basking in the June sun.

The second day of summer and finally the sun comes out.

Old England...

Cheshire is very green, perfect for a city boy.

Beautiful flower boxes...

...on one of the most picturesque high streets in Britain.

There were rabbits all over Alderley Edge.

The view from the Edge.

Mrs. Madrigal never had lupins like these!

There are not many places left like this...

The sunlight was strange today, golden... getting inside the lens and playing tricks.

The view from the graveyard.

Like the wild rabbits, the cat wasn't bothered by the camera.

The crypt on a sea of blue flowers.

One last look and then off back to smoky bohemia.

Click on any of these pictures to see them full size.

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Cheshire Plains Again.

It’s nearly-not-quite summer! I’m a bit late with the window boxes, but I finally got to go to the garden centres of sunny Cheshire. I can’t pronounce the name of these ones, so we’ll call them ‘Yellow Flowers.’ No good at latin. Continue reading

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