Easter on the Edge

This is Alderley Edge in Cheshire, England. It’s a place steeped in myth and legend, inspiring Lewis Carroll’s Cheshire Cat and Alan Garner’s series of spooky children’s folk tales, such as The Owl Service. King Arthur is supposed to have met Merlin the Wizard here, and tucked under The Edge is an ancient Wishing Well, with Merlin’s face carved into the rock.

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8 thoughts on “Easter on the Edge

  1. Awesome spring time photo, really nice!

  2. Sounds like my kind of place; somewhere to visit in the campervan. Talking of which…the campervan is back on your header. Hooray! 🙂

    Happy Easter.

    • It’s great in the summer, or autumn when the leaves are turning. Yes, the camper van is the original symbol of my blog, the ‘dreams of a free spirit’ or to be candid….a really good trip!

  3. Love the photos. Wouldn’t it be funny if one went to The Edge and found U2’s guitarist there instead? 😉

  4. Beautiful photos and that’s a great capture of the Easter bunny! I love mystical places like this. The rock carving of Merlin’s face sounds mysterious and intriguing. Happy spring!

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