Moving the Mountain

Buddha by Mark Wallis on The VibesI’m living amongst a mountain of boxes, having moved from the buzzing metropolis to leafy suburbia. While I wait for my life to magically unpack itself, I’m having to manage without an internet connection. I’m wired to the world, but only by iPad which would explain why The Vibes has gone a little quiet. Thanks for all the messages regarding my recent appearance on the WordPress Blog, and I’m working my way through all your design requests this weekend. Thanks for being patient! Buddha finally seems to be smiling.

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5 thoughts on “Moving the Mountain

  1. Hello Mark,
    I’m a new follower (thanks to WP blog). Love your Buddha image and the fresh, creative design of your blog. It’s nice to be without internet once in awhile 🙂 Good luck with unpacking.

    • Hi Daguerre. Thanks for dropping by. Glad you like my blog and I’m quite pleased with the way my Buddha image turned out. Not bad for an iPhone pic!

  2. Have a lovely Sunday! I hope for you that everything will be back to normal soon 😉

  3. Oh dear no internet!!!! Like being cut off from the world. I suffered for a while but now we have cable internet it is brilliant. Happy unpacking, it is like having Xmas all over again. Now why did I pack that instead of throwing it away? I know that feeling…

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