A Little Recognition Goes A Long Long Way

I got interviewed by WordPress about The Vibes! I’m very proud – cheers, Cheri!

The Vibes by Mark Wallis

Read more here

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30 thoughts on “A Little Recognition Goes A Long Long Way

  1. Congrats!

  2. Sue Brown

    Whoo hoo! Brilliant 😀

  3. Well deserved, it’s a great looking blog!

  4. Herman

    Yeah! Congrats Mark… You’re a star!

  5. well done!xx

  6. Congratulations.. I did too and that’s how I found your site:D I love it.. this is very cool!! xx

  7. Congratulation, well done!

  8. Fantastic! I’m happy for you.

    • I’m very happy too, Mrs Daffodil! I’ve had a bumpy ride of late and this has put a big smile on my face.

  9. Well done you! Richly deserved too.

  10. Really love what you’re doing here … signed up for more.

  11. I’ll follow you anywhere. I think I’m in love. With the words, the design, the whateverness of your little space. Ah. Magnificent.

  12. Your site really is a stand out in the blogging world, you deserve the recognition

  13. Huzzah! You should be so chuffed. Utterly well deserved recognition.

  14. You deserve it! Everything here is so creative and fun. I hope everything went well with your move and that your new place will offer many more photo opportunities. Watch out for that snowball!

    • Thanks for such a nice comment Sheila! You always inspire me. The move was a big deal and rebuilding my life from scratch is a pain in the ass. Things are taking shape slowly, so I hope to get the blog back on form soon. And The Vibes is about to have…a musical baby! Stay tuned…

  15. Hey Mark, that’s pretty cool – well done! I’ve always liked the look of your blog.

  16. Truly a star, Mark! I love your site and wish I had the patience to do the cool stuff you’ve done–and I’m glad you were finally recognized for it.

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