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Moving the Mountain

Buddha by Mark Wallis on The VibesI’m living amongst a mountain of boxes, having moved from the buzzing metropolis to leafy suburbia. While I wait for my life to magically unpack itself, I’m having to manage without an internet connection. I’m wired to the world, but only by iPad which would explain why The Vibes has gone a little quiet. Thanks for all the messages regarding my recent appearance on the WordPress Blog, and I’m working my way through all your design requests this weekend. Thanks for being patient! Buddha finally seems to be smiling.

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Instagrams: Part 2

Wallpaper, Polari Bar Manchester

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Instant Karma

golden buddha head and shoulders

“The world is so loud. Keep falling. I’ll find you.”


This mantra, hypnotic and beautiful is from Snowflake by Kate Bush. It’s repeated with glacial poise and it came to mind while taking these photographs. My travels around the WordPress Topics page have shown me some wonderful things, but also some shocking hate-filled blogs. From Cross people, as I call them – if you know what I mean? So I thought I’d post these pictures to restore a little karma. Happy New Year!

black and white buddha

Black and white can add real drama and depth to a picture…

I just got a new app for my iPhone, and decided to experiment on my little Buddha. My kitchen work top served as a studio, with All Saints wrapping paper as a backdrop and a shaving mirror as an accent light reflector.

blue tinted buddha

Deciding which filter to use can be really difficult when you like all of them. I love the washed out inky blacks in this one.

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