Radio Vibes

radio vibes cover art
This is the sound of summer – watching sail boats from a beach bar after three mojitos. Chill-out to soul, blue note beats and lazy jazz. The crackle of old vinyl: torch songs and saxophones. Drift away to Radio Vibes, broadcasting to you across the ether. 

Listen here…   

…or free download here (right click) mp3, 48minutes, 93 mb, track listing and cover art included.

By the way, the voice at the beginning and the end isn’t me, but track 15 is my own tune, Beach House.

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17 thoughts on “Radio Vibes

  1. Nice mix, Mark! Helped me breeze right through an hour of work! 🙂

    • Thanks Bradford, it works well as background music – great for painting to 😀

  2. Nice! I love the Beach House. Very dreamy. The birds are so loud here right now that I couldn’t tell if their songs were mixed into the music or not, but either way they mixed in really well.

    • Thanks for listening, Sheila and I’m glad you like my own track too. And I got the birds singing along too!

  3. Nelly

    Thank you Mark, you have don it again the perfect summer sound track !!! burnt to cd and in my car love it xx

    • I remember all those old cassette tapes I used to do for you back in the 90s! Glad you like 😀

  4. Stevo

    very cool mister. lovely sound! we came back from clubbing and put this on. Perfect 🙂

    • I’ve been collecting chill-out music for years, so this is the best of my vast collection – keep grooving!

  5. Yeah! You’ve really got a handle of these sounds. Good mix. 🙂

    • Thanks, Val! I had great fun choosing the tracks and putting it together. Glad you like it 😀

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  8. adriano

    amazing tunes!

    • They are some of the best tracks I’ve heard over the years, – Crookram and The Found Sound Orchestra make fantastic music. Thanks for dropping by!

  9. Cool Jazzzz…. mmmmm….:)

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