J’ai été traduit en français!

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Idle curiosity made me click on a Google Translate link in Referrers on my Stats page, and I discovered my blog is available in French. I’m honoured, and quite tickled to see my stuff in a foreign language, and I think this has come from Morocco which is a former French colony. What really grabs me is the title, Les Vibrations (which sounds a bit risqué) and the tag line, Rêves d’un esprit libre which is just perfect. After three… ‘Je suis un rock star, Je habiter la South of France…’

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18 thoughts on “J’ai été traduit en français!

  1. LOL
    Le monde est petit ! Thanks to the Internet 🙂

  2. Stevo

    You where cool, but now your cooler 😎

  3. La créativité est la langue universelle! An American trying to speak French…hope it’s correct!

    • Ouhhh ! J’adore votre site. Je vais le suivre 🙂
      French kitty whose humans immigrated to America.
      By the way, votre français est tout à fait correct !

      • Ah–merci a mes amis canadiens-français! I’m trying to say it’s thanks to my French-Canadian friends–I’m in Western Pennsylvania and we have a bit of historic French culture here, plus I have a number of followers and customers in Canada who often speak French. Merci pour votre visite, e pour votre compliment.

  4. J’aimes les vibrations!

  5. Ah, too cool!

  6. Thank you for the tip. I found I am Güzelleşmek Clare in Turkish.

    • How exotic! I think it’s great that people all over the world can read our blogs.

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