Paris Paris – Malcolm McLaren and Catherine Deneuve

Is this a work of sublime jazz-flecked genius or flawed and trashy? Personally I’ve tuned my radar not to hear McLaren’s ropey vocals, but Deneuve’s breathy French litany is spellbinding. She could read out her grocery list and bring grown men to their knees. The Sing away/No I can’t moment is a bit Diva on the record, but covered up with smiles in the video… Rest in peace, Malcolm, you fabulous, silly man.

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14 thoughts on “Paris Paris – Malcolm McLaren and Catherine Deneuve

  1. Lose the dweeb with the nasal voice, and I’d reconsider.

  2. I don’t care… this makes me swoon every time! I love it!!! And, Catherine? No words. Sigh. 🙂

    • She’s incredible, isn’t she? It’s definitely swoon-music. I only really discovered this from reading your About page, you know! Jazz is Paris is good, too.

      I don’t believe it! Someone actually wants kittens and cupcakes! 😯

  3. a long…. deep..magical…..sigh…..magnific!

  4. Stevo

    she can read my shopping list any time. is he supposed to sound a bit pervy?

  5. I’m enjoying the vibes from your COOL blog. I’ve nominated you for The One Lovely Blog Award! Check it out here :

    • Thanks, Sally – that’s my second nomination for ‘The Lovely’ so I have to get on with my award post which is long overdue. I think The Sunshine Award is in there too. God I’m going to need a bigger mantlepiece… 😎

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