And the Awesome Blog Content Award goes to… The Vibes!

The Awesome Blog Content Award

Ok, stop clapping everyone and please be seated.

Just as my hit counter reaches 9000 and The Vibes gears up for it’s first birthday, I’ve been given this award by Sheila Hurst from Cape Cod, a writer and photographer who has a fantastic blog which you can see here Sheila Hurst – Reading, writing, dreaming. I love her photography which transports me to the sort of place I’d rather be than cloudy old Manchester. The best acceptance speech is two words: Thank you. It makes all my efforts here at The Vibes worthwhile, and I love doing it, and sometimes I do it too much so a little recognition goes a long way! Sheila, you made my day!

And that’s thirty seven words, not two. Anyway, with this award I’m supposed to describe myself alphabetically and pass the award to six other bloggers who deserve it.

Kinsey 5
Sun Worshipper


There. I didn’t cry or thank six generations of my ancestors. But I did jump up and down on my bed making insane whooping noises. I’m 44 and three quarters. I’m passing on the accolade to the following six blogs for their own particular awesomeness…and the gold envelope reveals, in no particular order….quiet, please…

The Creative Cat – for beautiful light-filled paintings of cats, mixed with feline musings, photography, wit and wisdom.

The Found Sound Orchestra – for great music made from bits of other great music.

Mad Rabbit Photography – for enigmatic animal portraits and textured cityscapes from Dallas.

The Bedlam of Beefy – for the most entertaining style blog I’ve seen, packed full of goodies*.

Red Hibiscus – for photography and ramblings from Renaissance Pam in Liverpool.

Traveling IQ – for a sprawling travelogue from Cuban-born actor and travel writer.

*Not sure if I’m allowed to nominate blogs from outside WordPress, but there is a world out there so go and take a look. There are a lot of other blogs that I follow who are worthy of this award, but I had to narrow things down to six which was very difficult. There will be other award ceremonies, so democracy is at work here…

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14 thoughts on “And the Awesome Blog Content Award goes to… The Vibes!

  1. Thank you so much! You certainly deserve this for the eye-popping content and multi-media you have. It’s been so nice to get to know you!

    • You’re welcome. You definitely deserve it, you have a wonderful blog and your cat photos make me laugh – what a bunch of characters they are!

  2. That’s really kind of you. I’m honoured and a little lost for words.

  3. You’re welcome, share the love!

  4. well done!!!!!!!!

  5. Thanks! Time to sort your blog out now!

  6. Stevo

    big pat on the back and a glass of bubbly for mr vibes. ur a werewolf!

    • I’ll take the bottle, thanks Stevo. Werewolf? It’s only once a month, and there’s a helpline…

  7. Sour Lemon Papaya

    Good Blog. Very Insightful!

  8. Really so glad this inspired bed jumping! 🙂 You deserve it – I love your photography and your site. Thank you for keeping me entertained.

  9. Thanks so much! You are well deserving of the award. Amazing blog!

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