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Hey, guys! I’m Versatile…

versatile blogger award

Oh behave! I have Sheila Hurst to thank for this, the hot air-ballooning freelance writer and photographer from Cape Cod, who has been known to fly into cliffs and land in hedges. On her blog she evokes the romance of coastal Massachusetts and leaves me dreaming of windswept beaches. I would nominate you right back, Sheila, but you’ve already won! In the spirit of the award, I’m listing seven random facts about myself and sharing the lurve with 5 other bloggers.

Seven more random facts about me?


1. In my dreams, Ridley Scott and Steven Spielberg are fighting to work with me. Ridley gets through and Steven gets voicemail.

2. I took careers advice from a Shaman.

3. Probably the happiest moment of my life was when Armistead Maupin, my favourite author, recently announced the title of his next novel on Facebook. A couple of years ago I went to a book signing and asked him if he would ever write the life story of his ingenious character, Mrs. Madrigal. He didn’t sound too keen. The latest instalment in the Tales of the City series is going to be called The Days of Anna Madrigal. I’m not claiming any credit here, but it would be amazing to think I might have had a some influence!

4. I collect obscure psychedelic music from the sixties.

5. Chronograph watches either stop or show the wrong time when I wear them.

6. I dream of building a wooden shack by the sea and living off the land with no electricity. The Vibes will be bought to you by smoke signals.

7. I used to play the oboe. I can play Bright Eyes by ear but sheet music just looks like spaghetti to me.

So who gets the gong? Who’s going to be opening the gold envelope tomorrow? These are all creative people who I follow, who all have more than one string to their bow:

Oido Del Mundo – Kevin Baker  explores the jungle of world music and makes his own tunes as MacMurphy.

Mikibong – unique photographic style and panda art from graphic design student Miki.

Frivolous Monsters – dry humorous commentary and a photographic diary of the North of England.

Robonobo – a digital artist who works on computer games, writes about science-fiction and takes a decent photo too.

Marsblackvintage – homespun music and photography.

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The Vibes wins The Kreativ Blogger Award!

kreativ blogger award

Ladies and Gentlemen, I feel fabulous and I have Elliot to thank for my nomination. He’s a writer and poet and has a great blog, Brainsplats so check the link. Of course I graciously accept – although I did run round whooping like a lunatic when I received it a week or two ago… but nobody saw me. So, dignified deep breath.

The seven facts about me are;


  • I lived in Amsterdam for two years but I didn’t inhale
  • I occasionally paint oil paintings, more of that in the near future.
  • I love cats, the way they arrive in our lives with no luggage or tenancy agreement and turn us into their slaves while being unconditionally adored.
  • I used to be a DJ in Manchester during the Madchester and Rave eras, but I still have incredibly sensitive hearing.
  • I love gardening. Have no idea how that happened.
  • All mathematical components in my brain are missing, presumed stifled by more interesting talents. I actually count on my fingers.
  • There is a very strange symmetrical, geometric symbol on the back of my neck. It’s a birthmark, but it looks like a crop circle…

You weren’t expecting that last one, were you?

I’m passing this award on to the following nominees, and if you’ve already won it, then think of this as a second opinion…

The Creative Cat– Bernadette E Kazmarski – Wonderful paintings of animals and people complete with witty commentary.
Sheila Hurst – Reading, writing, dreaming – Photographer, writer and poet – transports me to the kind of places I’d like to be.
Bali-Style-Life – Tanya Paton, New Zealander living and painting in Bali, joyful, expressive and colourful.
On The Way – Bonnie Hull – Artist, photographer and writer – a great art journal.
Kiwsparks – Kathryn Sparks – Artist, designer and writer from Dallas – A lively spirited view of life in paint, prose and poetry.
Hands on Bowie – Herman and his cat Bowie. The cutest (and biggest) British Shorthair you will ever see!
Karma Sleeps on Top – Lina A Corrillo, engaging, passionate Creative Writing and Journalism student from Bogota studying in London.

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And the Awesome Blog Content Award goes to… The Vibes!

The Awesome Blog Content Award

Ok, stop clapping everyone and please be seated.

Just as my hit counter reaches 9000 and The Vibes gears up for it’s first birthday, I’ve been given this award by Sheila Hurst from Cape Cod, a writer and photographer who has a fantastic blog which you can see here Sheila Hurst – Reading, writing, dreaming. I love her photography which transports me to the sort of place I’d rather be than cloudy old Manchester. The best acceptance speech is two words: Thank you. It makes all my efforts here at The Vibes worthwhile, and I love doing it, and sometimes I do it too much so a little recognition goes a long way! Sheila, you made my day!

And that’s thirty seven words, not two. Anyway, with this award I’m supposed to describe myself alphabetically and pass the award to six other bloggers who deserve it.

Kinsey 5
Sun Worshipper


There. I didn’t cry or thank six generations of my ancestors. But I did jump up and down on my bed making insane whooping noises. I’m 44 and three quarters. I’m passing on the accolade to the following six blogs for their own particular awesomeness…and the gold envelope reveals, in no particular order….quiet, please…

The Creative Cat – for beautiful light-filled paintings of cats, mixed with feline musings, photography, wit and wisdom.

The Found Sound Orchestra – for great music made from bits of other great music.

Mad Rabbit Photography – for enigmatic animal portraits and textured cityscapes from Dallas.

The Bedlam of Beefy – for the most entertaining style blog I’ve seen, packed full of goodies*.

Red Hibiscus – for photography and ramblings from Renaissance Pam in Liverpool.

Traveling IQ – for a sprawling travelogue from Cuban-born actor and travel writer.

*Not sure if I’m allowed to nominate blogs from outside WordPress, but there is a world out there so go and take a look. There are a lot of other blogs that I follow who are worthy of this award, but I had to narrow things down to six which was very difficult. There will be other award ceremonies, so democracy is at work here…

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