Aurora Borealis Sandwich

Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy character The Audience

‘It’s insane,’ said a friend of mine after watching Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy.

That’s the ultimate accolade for a show which has been described as biting into an aurora borealis sandwich. Known for the phenomenally successful Mighty Boosh, Fielding has created a colourful world of bizarre characters in psychedelic settings which boggle the mind. It’s a kaleidoscope of lysergic humour, which takes in Sgt.Pepper, the most dazzling extremes of glam rock and more than a large dollop of The Banana Splits. Remember them? Andy Warhol features as Noel’s cleaner, with a voice like Stephen Hawking and a laugh that comes as tickets. It’s a hugely entertaining visual wonderland, with artistic and cultural splashes on a canvas of indefinable humour.

It’s about to end it’s first run, so grab the final episode on Thursday 8 March on Channel Four (UK, sorry about that – emigrate) or watch the series on 4 OD but hurry because the episodes are  expiring in order.

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7 thoughts on “Aurora Borealis Sandwich

  1. I love the Mighty Boosh… And I do remember the Banana Splits. This better end up on BBC America…

    • Hi! It might not be BBC America (the show is from commercial tv) but I’m sure it’ll get imported for the bright orange New York cop alone! The DVD release should be round the corner and I imagine it will be on iTunes.

  2. really impressed with the show! Totally Insane

  3. biting into an aurora borealis sandwich sounds scary but I do tend to like some occasional insanity

    • If it’s the same aurora borealis sandwich that the Beatles were eating, then it could be a bit scary. The show is a bit edgy in places but it’s also funny and gorgeous to look at. Pure eye candy!

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