Shopping Patterns

drawer and wrapping paper collage

patterned paper collage

pastel display collage

I went shopping and took these iPhone pictures and stuck them together in collages. The first image is from House of Fraser and All Saints, the second is Paperchase and the third is from an art shop.

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14 thoughts on “Shopping Patterns

  1. Fancy you going collaging.

  2. What’s got four arms, loves to grab you
    Answer is two Liver Birds.

  3. Following your example, I googled Bishop Stortford and discovered that it’s most famous resident was Nurse Gladwys Emanuel and that Kenneth Williams was a frequent visitor. How terribly apt.

    • If you’re standing on the corner, all alone and feeling low.
      Liver Birds will come and grab you singing ee i ad ee o.

  4. As you’ve all probably guessed, I’m from Liverpool.

  5. Cassie

    You did an amazing job with matching and finding new ways to create colorful things.

  6. Thanks Cassie. It was a bit of a random post but I thought it would be interesting to mash the images together. It’s funny how I don’t buy anything because I’m too busy staring at the displays!

  7. Neil

    Very nice, would make a lovely poster or even framed piece of work, reminds me spring is trying to burst forth with all those colours.

  8. Thanks Neil, it’s three separate images but they look quite good together. I can definitely smell Spring and I feel like a Pagan!

  9. bonniehull

    Mark… nice blog…lived in London for a year and it was true love…thanks for checking out my blog…I’ll be back..xo BH

    • Welcome aboard, Bonnie! Glad you like the blog, love your photography and that big red painting…

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