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Sunflower – Digital Painting

Sunflower - Digital Painting by Mark Wallis at The Vibes
It’s the height of summer, so let’s see some sunflowers! This is another attempt at digital painting, this time showing my source material. Below is the edited photograph which it’s based on.

Sunflower by Mark Wallis at The Vibes
And here is the crappy old iPhone picture which the whole thing sprung from. It’s a challenge to see which pictures have potential, and which ones really need deleting.

Sunflower iPhone photograph

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Garden Smoke

Garden Smoke - Digital painting by Mark WallisThe hidden painter inside me often collides with pixels. For an artist, I’m more likely to be messing around with iPad apps than actually throwing paint at a canvas. And graphic design is so clean since the world went digital. Rather than pay a fortune for Photoshop or Illustrator, the designers amongst us can download a painting app for nothing. Grab a stylus and you can create a work of art on the tram, or in the bath. I’ve rendered some of my more colourful photographs as digital paintings and this is the first example. There’s no magic button: you do actually have to paint, but you don’t have to get your hands dirty.

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Make me Beauty Fool

photoshopped model

This video by Jesse Rosten really kicks the beauty industry in the rubber parts, spelling it out in plain old pixels. With the right software you can digitally revise just about anything. It seems to be quite a serious issue, giving people impossible standards of beauty, but when you get to ‘adjust your race’ you really start to worry. I’d just like to say I’ve never used Photoshop – sorry Fotoshop to make anyone look better. But I might have used it to make them look worse!
Pause the video at 1:00 to compare the model with the image above, which I Photoshopped heavily. Couldn’t resist it. Sorry.

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