Sunflower – Digital Painting

Sunflower - Digital Painting by Mark Wallis at The Vibes
It’s the height of summer, so let’s see some sunflowers! This is another attempt at digital painting, this time showing my source material. Below is the edited photograph which it’s based on.

Sunflower by Mark Wallis at The Vibes
And here is the crappy old iPhone picture which the whole thing sprung from. It’s a challenge to see which pictures have potential, and which ones really need deleting.

Sunflower iPhone photograph

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6 thoughts on “Sunflower – Digital Painting

  1. That came out really well. I have issues taking photos and seeing their potential as paintings. I am trying. Usually I only use photos for reference unless it is a commission and those have their own issues.
    I enjoyed this post.

    • Thanks, I’m quite pleased with it, although I’m still learning. Painting with a rubber stylus on a glass screen took a bit of wrangling until I found a style which doesn’t look like someone put Van Gogh through a shredder. Painting over a photograph helps, of course, allowing me to concentrate on brush strokes and representation of the subject, rather than colour and proportion.

  2. Enchanting results

  3. wow, fabulous work.

    Following your blog now. 🙂

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