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Rufus Wainwright – Out of the Game

rufus wainwright album art out of the gameThe new album is a funfair ride of dizzying choruses and dark, bleeding ballads. Mark Ronson’s brass swaggers joyfully through Welcome to the Ball and the bagpipes at the end of Candles are enough to make a grown man cry.

The voice is as pure as a choir boy or edgy and vengeful, depending on which song you’re listening to. Full of verve, if a little frayed by life, Rufus sings about love like a man who’s lost the receipt.

If Rufus wrote great songs before, and he certainly did, then he’s honed his craft, polished the silver and sharpened his walking cane to a deadly tip. Like a slightly debauched party in a glittering stately home, this album feels so richly produced it’s almost decadent.

And he made bagpipes cool.

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AIR – Le Voyage Dans La Lune, new album previewed.

air album cover Le Voyage dans le lune

Listen to the full album here ahead of tomorrow’s release.

Watch a clip from the movie here.

‘Le Voyage Dans La Lune’ (A Trip To The Moon) is a classic black & white silent film by revered French director Georges Méliès.

Released in 1902, this legendary 16-minute film is widely considered one of the most important works in film history, and the very first to use science fiction as its theme, incorporating special effects that were very state-of-the-art at the turn of the 19th century. It was loosely based on two popular novels of the time: Jules Verne’s ‘From the Earth to the Moon’ and H. G. Wells ‘The First Men In The Moon’.

A hand-coloured print, the only one known to survive, was rediscovered in 1993 by the Filmoteca de Catalunya. It was in a state of almost total decomposition, and many years of painstaking, manual restoration took place until 2010, when digital technology finally came to the rescue. Following another year at the Technicolor Lab of Los Angeles, it was finally ready to share with the world. Eager to put a contemporary spin on this classic silent film, the producers decided to approach AIR’s Nicolas Godin and Jean-Benoit Dunckel, to compose an original modern soundtrack, an enormous honour for French musicians, considering the film’s place in the canon of French cinema.

Spurred on by their work on this short movie, AIR decided to develop the project into a full album inspired by the film. Expanding the original musical themes beyond cinematic instrumentals, the album also features the vocal talents and lyrics of Au Revoir Simone and Victoria Legrand (Beach House). The band’s lunar fascinations have been evident since the beginning of their career with the release of the seminal 1998 classic Moon Safari. Now in 2012 Nicolas and JB have returned to explore the further regions of their very unique musical “space.” From

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Air – Return Journey to the Moon

air french band le voyage dans la lune

Air, the iconic French band, travel back in time to 1902 for a return visit to the moon. They hit the big time with modern classic Moon Safari in 1998, and this time they’re soundtracking one of the first big silent movies from the dawn of cinema. As bright and playful as the movie itself, it looks like Dunckel and Godin have distilled their style into a kind of Telstar-flavoured psychedelic prog-rock.

“It’s not something boring from a museum – it’s alive!” says Nicolas Godin, of their new project which has inspired a full album, released on February 7, 2012.

Watch this short clip from BBC News.

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Kate Bush – 50 Words For Snow

Kate Bush

The reviews are in and they’re saying it’s her masterpiece. As the new album rolls out, Kate Bush is teasing us with magical imagery, creating a multimedia concept album which can only be the result of having your own record label. The album is out today,

Image via

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