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My video for The Found Sound Orchestra

I made this as a tribute to The Found Sound Orchestra, who make great tunes out of bits of old records from junkshops. I decided to make a video using the same collage technique, and trawled YouTube for bits of found footage. The young people call it a video mash-up. The 2001-style time tunnels are my own creation, as are the platform boots and the lips…I was born in the sixties. Babyfood was obviously different then.

Check out  The Found Sound Orchestra and download all their music for nothing! It’s perfectly legal. And the best tunes this side of a mojito and a sun lounger. If nothing else, try Memorabilica

“Its the sound of the sun shining that little bit brigher. Its the sound of butterflies in Spring time. Its the sound made by soft toilet tissue on a smooth bottom. Its a sound you remember but have never heard before. Its the sound of three hundred and forty two records, tapes and found sound recordings being played over the top of one another.”


Press play and brighten your day.

Getting Closer (to the End) – The Found Sound Orchestra

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